Tokyo Revengers Season 2: Why Did It Fail Our Expectations?

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Failed to Deliver, And We Know Why!

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 came and failed to grab positive reviews from fans. The makers of this anime series tried to execute the series with their old formula. However, it was unable to shape the story further or give any suitable conclusion to the series’ second part.

In this article, we will go down on Tokyo Revengers Season 2 and decode all the reasons why it was disappointing for anime fans. But before we go down to see what went wrong with Takemichi’s story, check out our recent take on the best anime shows to watch on Hulu in 2024!

Reasons Why Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Was Disappointing

Tokyo Revengers | Liden Films

It is a hard truth to swallow, but not all anime succeed in getting positive reviews from fans. A prominent example of this is Tokyo Ghoul. Ken Kaneki’s story received immense hate despite having phenomenal music, fantastically written characters, and superb world-building. The same goes for Tokyo Revengers and its Season 2. Here are some of the most prominent reasons why it was so bad that it disappointed the fanbase.

Disclaimer: This article is written to highlight the possible reasons for Tokyo Revengers Season 2’s failure. We do not intend to harm anyone’s sentiments or demean the artistic capabilities of the makers.

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1. Low Visual Aesthetics

Mikey | Liden Films

Just like its first season, the second season of Tokyo Revengers was extremely poor in terms of visual aesthetics. The production team did not pay attention to detail, resulting in the show having its worst visuals yet.

However, there is a widespread debate suggesting that most Gen Z anime fans prefer to watch series with polished animation, such as MAPPA’s recently produced Hell’s Paradise. But Tokyo Revengers’ animation left us with no hope and was outright unacceptable.

The animated characters were out of shape, with little to no expression. This below-average experience left us all questioning whether the makers are even serious about this season, or if it is just going downhill.

2. Confusing Timeline

Tokyo Revengers | Liden Films

Another major issue is the show’s timeline. It is supposed to be set in 2005-era Tokyo, but the characters’ actions are completely detached from that setting. The number of illogical events that occur further challenges the viewer’s ability to take the story seriously.

All the characters in the series behave mindlessly, causing each episode to remain stuck. There is absolutely no common sense and it makes the story painfully boring to watch. We understand that it is a fictional series, but other anime in the Shonen category often follow some strategies that keep the audience hooked.

Other Shonen anime have a striking balance between reality and fiction. However, in the case of Tokyo Revengers, there appeared to be no such strategy at all.

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3. Poor Execution

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 | Liden Films

The second season’s story lacks coherence. It fails to maintain a smooth consistency in its world-building, which can be seen as the result of poor execution. This whole process makes the anime and its characters unrelatable. Furthermore, the action sequences are portrayed as mere silly fights, which causes them to fail in making an impression.

In contrast, prominent main characters in the anime industry, such as Eren Yeager, Yuji Itadori, or those from Bungo Stray Dogs, all have strong personalities. This element often captivates fans and leaves them wanting more of the anime. However, Tokyo Revengers lacks this quality, with the creators unable to deliver a smooth narrative.

4. Zero Character Development

Tokyo Revengers | Liden Films

Primarily, Tokyo Revengers is based on an adult story and was intended to reach a mature audience. However, it failed to engage its intended audience due to the stagnant growth of its characters and their stories.

The season starts from the point where Takemichi and Chifuyu are shot by Kisaki after he confesses to orchestrating Baji’s death. But their illogical actions result in them being drugged. Meanwhile, we see Takemichi’s character, and his attempts to redeem himself after cheating on his girlfriend.

But even after an entire season, his character remains weak, foolish, and outright annoying. The anime industry is filled with inspirational characters such as Tanjiro, Thorfinn, and Astra, among others. However, the main character of Tokyo Revengers possesses no such inspirational qualities, which makes them unappealing to the Shonen audience.

5. Loopholes & Unresolved Conflicts

Takemichi Hanagaki | Liden Films

Focusing on the loopholes, this season had many, and it’s hard to decide where to start from. First, there is a confusing timeline and world-building that even the characters themselves seem unaware of or are completely detached from.

The second prominent issue is the lack of explanation for Mikey’s superpower that allows him to detect Takemichi’s presence. The series is plagued by conflicts that could have been easily resolved, yet they inexplicably continue to escalate.

For instance, we see Takemichi getting beaten up in the middle of the street with no one coming to his rescue, which is both questionable and seemingly illogical. Another example of such carelessness occurs during the church brawl, where Kisaki and Hanma attack Takemichi and Chifuyu from behind. Chifuyu manages to free himself after a few minutes, but the series provides no explanation for his escape.

The series is brimming with such incidents where the audience receives no explanation, and the characters simply carry on with the story. The police never intervene in the violent gang activities of the middle schoolers. All of this seems unrealistically comical and leaves us with little interest in continuing to watch the series.

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6. Bad Writing

Tokyo Revengers | Liden Films

Writing can either make or break an anime and in the case of Tokyo Revengers, it, unfortunately, brought the series to a new low. Takemichi, a 26-year-old man involved in gang activities, spends several minutes pondering the meaning of the gang’s symbol. A symbol that even a preschooler could easily decipher (DUMB Right?!)

This lack of logic is a recurring issue in the show and is indicative of its overall poor writing quality. The characters lack depth, with Takemichi being a prime example. His character is poorly written, lacking any unique personality traits. Similarly, Mikey is portrayed as boring and toxic, with no real purpose in his life.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 | Liden Films

The female lead exists merely for fan service, adding no real value to the story. The most problematic aspect of the writing is its reliance on a character who is extremely shallow. Hina, around whom a key point of the story revolves, is nothing but a bland character.

This raises confusion about the main key plot. Why would Takemichi go to extreme lengths to save someone whose personality doesn’t extend beyond being compassionate? Moreover, Chifuyu, a character initially written as someone who values logic and reasoning, suddenly becomes violent in the second season.

Additionally, the portrayal of Taiju, who leads the group Murder, as a devoted Christian in the series, seems like a misguided move from the makers.

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Our Verdict

Mikey & Takemitchy | Liden Films

We honestly believe that the second season of Tokyo Revengers had a lot of potential to improve upon the previous shortcomings, which the makers, unfortunately, did not address. The studio and the creators directly missed the opportunity to improve and rebuild a compelling narrative among fans.

It’s safe to say that Tokyo Revengers Season 2 is a flawed anime series, particularly when compared to other anime. It is plagued by plot holes, a lack of common sense, annoying pacing, and insufferable characters.

However, we cannot lose hope, as there is always a way to improve, and the series still has the potential to attract more viewers with better quality from the studio. Overall, Tokyo Revengers Season 2 might attract beginners who are taking their baby steps into watching anime, or an audience that enjoys mindless entertainment.

It can also attract viewers who are willing to overlook the plot holes and lack of character development. However, for people who just want to watch unforgettable stories with stunning execution and animation, this anime might not be the best choice, and you could end up scratching your head in disappointment.


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