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Sony A6400 vs Sony A6500

Today we are going to compare and contrast two different mirror-less cameras by Sony i.e. Sony A6400 and Sony A6500. The names of these cameras are a bit misleading i.e. you might be thinking that Sony A6500 is the latest model. However, it is opposite in this case as Sony A6500 was launched in October 2016 whereas Sony A6400 is a rather newer model that was launched in January 2019. Sony A6500 is a Premium E-mount camera whereas Sony A6400 is just an E-mount camera. But both these cameras come with APS-C sensors.

It is rather easier to compare two products from different brands rather than comparing two products of the same brand. When the brand is the same, you need to carefully analyze each and every little detail before coming to conclusion and deciding which product is best for you. Therefore, in this article, we will try to look deeply into the similarities and differences between Sony A6400 and Sony A6500 so that by the end of this article, you can immediately decide which one of these best suits your needs.

Sony labels A6500 as “The Palm Size, All-Around, All-Star Camera” because this camera provides you with all the capabilities of capturing the best moments of life right within your palm. You can carry it everywhere so easily that it will not let you miss out on any important moment. This camera largely expands your shooting range by allowing you to do the continuous shooting of up to 307 shots. Moreover, it enables you to shoot professional-looking still images and videos.

Sony A6500

This camera has the focal plane-phase detection of 425 with the help of which it can pay full attention to each and every subject of your image. It has the ability to retain its shooting speed for around 36 seconds so that you may not skip any decisive moment. It allows you to adjust your focus with its TouchPad function. The exceptional image processing quality of Sony A6500 enhances the texture and clarity of your images by reducing the noise to the fullest. Moreover, it also allows you to capture High-Resolution 4K Videos.

Sony claims that despite the compact size and small weight of A6400, the performance of this amazing camera is still unmatchable. It provides you with all those features that you would expect from a full-frame camera. It does not matter if you are taking still images or shooting videos, you will still get such a high-quality result that you will not be able to stop yourself from sharing it with others. This camera offers the latest features such as AI-Powered Real-time Eye AF, High-Speed Continuous Shooting, etc. which give innovation to your creativity.

Sony A6400

This camera provides speedy and reliable Auto-Focus and Smart Operability. This camera is capable of quickly detecting the position of various subjects in your image as well as tracking their motion. Just like Sony A6500, this camera also offers 425 focal plane-phase detection. It allows you to do continuous shooting with minimal display lag. It can take up to 116 shots in JPEG format and 46 shots in compressed RAW format in a continuity. Moreover, because of the large sensor and the latest image-processing engine of Sony A6400, it is capable of providing an incredible image quality.

This was just a little introduction to these two cameras by Sony. Now without any more elaboration, we are all set to dive into the technical specifications and features of these cameras.

Sony A6400Sony A6500
Lens CompatibilitySony E-mount LensesSony E-mount Lenses
Lens MountE-mountE-mount
Aspect Ratio3:23:2
Sensor TypeAPS-C type, EXMOR CMOS sensorAPS-C type, EXMOR CMOS sensor
Focus TypeFast Hybrid AFFast Hybrid AF
Dimensions120mm x 66.9mm x 59.7mm120mm x 66.9mm x 53.3mm
Resolution6000 x 40006000 x 4000
Pixels25 megapixels25 megapixels


By now we have discussed the basic specifications of Sony A6400 and Sony A6500. Now, let us head-on towards the discussion of their important features. The image formats supported by Sony A6400 are JPEG, RAW, and JPEG + RAW whereas the ones supported by Sony A6500 are also the same. The color space of both these cameras is selectable between sRGB standard and Adobe RGB standard. The magnification of the Viewfinder of both these cameras is 1.07 with a 50mm lens. The battery of both these cameras is Battery Pack NP-FW50. Sony A6400 offers the latest Autofocus technology whereas Sony A6500 offers in-built Image Stabilization.

The eyepoint of both these cameras is 23mm from the eyepiece lens. The Dioptric Adjustment Range of both these cameras is -4.0 to +3.0 m¯¹. The shutter speed of both these cameras is 1/4000 to 30 sec for still images whereas it is 1/4000 to 1/4 sec for movies. The LCD Monitor Type of both the cameras is TFT. The weight of the Sony A6400 is 403g whereas the weight of the Sony A6500 is 453g. The operating temperature of both these cameras lies between 0 to 40 °C. Last but not least, Sony A6400 is considered good for taking selfies whereas Sony A6500 is a master of sports photography.


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From the above discussion, we can conclude that Sony A6400 and Sony A6500 have very slight differences in their features and specifications. From a layman’s point of view, these differences are almost negligible. However, if you are from a professional photography background, then you will be able to carefully analyze these difference and will easily be able to figure out which of these two cameras fulfills your needs. You can make this decision based upon your requirements that must be fulfilled and the ones on which you can compromise. Moreover, the prices of these two cameras can also prove to be a good deciding factor.


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