Fix: AirPods Pro Microphone Not Working on Windows 10/11

The Airpods Pro microphone might not work on your Windows PC if the PC’s Windows/drivers or firmware of the AirPods are outdated. Moreover, the corrupt or incompatible Bluetooth Windows driver may also cause the issue.

AirPod Pro Mic not Working on Windows.

The issue arises when the user fails to use the AirPod mic on his Windows PC (sometimes after a Windows update and sometimes when trying for the first time), although the AirPods work perfectly as the sound output device.

Before proceeding with the solutions to use the AirPods Pro mic on Windows, check if disconnecting and reconnecting the AirPods and PC resolves the mic issue. Moreover, ensure the “Allow Access to Your Microphone” and “Choose Which Apps Can Access Your Microphone” settings are enabled in the Privacy Settings of your System.

Also, check if the AirPods Pro is the Default Communication Device in the Sound Control Panel. Furthermore, ensure the Telephony service is enabled in the Services tab of the headset Properties in Settings>> Devices>> Devices and Printers.

1. Update Windows, Drivers, and Firmware of Airpods

The AirPod’s mic might not work if its firmware or Windows/device drivers are outdated as it can create incompatibility between the devices (i.e., the PC and AirPods). In this context, updating the Windows drivers and firmware of the AirPods may solve the problem.

  1. Update your System’s Windows and device drivers (especially Bluetooth drivers). Make sure no optional update is pending uninstall. Also, if you are using an OEM utility (like Dell Support Assistant), then use it to update the drivers.
  2. After updating, check if the AirPod mic is working fine. If the issue persists, put the AirPods in their case, bring the case close to your iPhone, open the case’s lid, and dismiss the notification on the iPhone. Then update the firmware of the AirPods in the iPhone’s Settings>> General>> About>> AirPods>> Firmware Version.
    Open AirPods in the About of Your iPhone
  3. After updating the firmware of the AirPods, check if the AirPods mic is clear of the issue.
    Check Firmware Version of AirPods

2. Re-add the AirPods Pro to the System

The AirPods Pro mic issue could be a result of a temporary glitch of the communication/Bluetooth modules of the System. In this case, re-adding the AirPods Pro to the System may solve the problem.

But before proceeding, make sure there is no Bluetooth interference from any other device (e.g., disable Bluetooth of your iPhone) and unpair both devices (i.e., your PC and the AirPods).

  1. Put your AirPods in their charging case and held the pairing button of the case.
  2. Now, without releasing the pairing button, open the AirPods case’s lid and wait until the green light blinks.
    Press the Pairing Button on the AirPods’ Case
  3. Then release the pairing button and on the Windows system, press the Windows key.
  4. Now type ‘Bluetooth and Other Devices Settings‘ and click on Add Bluetooth or Other Device.
    Open Bluetooth and Other Devices Settings
  5. Then click on Headset and right-click on the Speaker icon (in the System’s tray) after successfully pairing oSystem’svices.
    Click on Add Bluetooth or Other Device
  6. Now choose Sounds and then head to the Recording tab.
    Open Sound
  7. Then right-click on the AirPods Pro Stereo and choose the Default Device.
    Set AirPods Pro Stereo as the Default Device
  8. Repeat the same in the Playback tab and check if the mic works fine. If not, then try the steps again after a system reboot.

3. Change the Applications’Settings

If the issue is only with some applications, then that application may not have been properly configured to use the AidPod Pro mic. In this context, making the relevant changes in the application’s settings may solve the problem. For elucidation, we will discuss the process for the Zoom application.

  1. Launch the Zoom Settings and head to the Audio tab.
  2. Now expand the dropdown of Speaker and choose Headset Airpod.
  3. Then expand the dropdown of Microphone and choose Headset Airpod.
    Set Headset Airpod as the Speaker and Microphone in the ZZoom’sSettings
  4. Now relaunch the application and check if it is working fine.

If the issue persists, check if choosing Stereo as Speaker and Microphone as ‘’Same as System’‘resolves the problem.

4. Run the Built-in Troubleshooters

The AirPod Pro mic might fail to work if essential OS modules (like Bluetooth, audio, etc.) are stuck in operation. In this scenario, running the Windows built-in troubleshooters may clear the glitch and thus solve the problem.

  1. Press the Windows key and open Settings.
  2. Now select Update & Security, and in the left pane, navigate to the Troubleshoot tab.
    Open Update & Security
  3. Then, in the right pane, open Additional Troubleshooters and click on Bluetooth to expand it.
    Open Additional Troubleshooters
  4. Now click on the Run the Troubleshooter button and let its process complete.
    Run the Bluetooth Troubleshooter
  5. Then apply the troubleshooter suggestions and check if the AirPod Pro mic is operating fine.
  6. If the issue persists, run the Recording Audio troubleshooter and check if that resolves the mic issue.
    Launch the Recording Audio Troubleshooter

5. Use the Hands-Free Mode

Suppose your Bluetooth adapter (mainly internal adapters) does not support the Stereo mode operation of the AirPods Pro. In that case, switching to the Hands-Free AG Audio option may solve the problem (but the sound quality may be a bit deteriorated).

  1. Click on the Speaker icon in the SSystem’sTray to expand the sound devices panel.
  2. Select the Headset (AirPods Hands-Free AG Audio) option and check if the AirPod mic is working fine.
    Select Headset (AirPods Hands-Free AG Audio)
  3. If the issue persists, right-click Windows and select Device Manager.
  4. Now expand the Sound, Video, And Game Controllers option and right-click on the AirPods Stereo.
    Disable AirPods Stereo in the Device Manager
  5. Then select Disable Device and confirm to disable the AirPods Stereo device.
  6. Now exit the Device Manager and reboot your PC.
  7. Upon reboot, check if the AirPod Pro mic is working fine.

6. Reinstall the Bluetooth Driver

If your System’s Bluetooth driver is corrupt or incompatible, your AirPods mic won’t work. In this case, reinstalling the Bluetooth driver may solve the problem.

  1. First, launch a web browser and download the latest Bluetooth driver version from the OEM website.
  2. Then right-click the Windows logo button and open Device Manager.
  3. Now expand Bluetooth and right-click on the Bluetooth device.
    Uninstall the Bluetooth Device in the Device Manager
  4. Then, in the menu shown, choose Uninstall Device, and on the next window, checkmark the option of Delete the Driver Software for This Device.
    Delete the Driver Software of This Device for the Bluetooth Driver
  5. Now click on Uninstall and let the uninstallation complete.
  6. Then reboot your PC and upon reboot, let Windows install a generic driver (if it does so).
  7. Now check if the mic issue is resolved. If not (or the Windows did not install a generic driver), install the latest driver (downloaded at step 1) and check if the mic has started functioning.
  8. If the issue persists, right-click on the Device MManager’sBluetooth device (repeat steps 2 to 3) and choose Properties.
    Open Properties of the Bluetooth Device in the Device Manager
  9. Now, head to the Driver tab and note the Bluetooth driver in use. After that, click on the Update Driver button.
    Note Down the Bluetooth Driver and Click on Update Driver
  10. Now choose Browser My Computer for Drivers, and on the next window, select Let Me Pick from a List of Available Driver on My Computer.
    Browse My Computer for Drivers
  11. Then, in the list of drivers, select a driver (but not the one currently in use) and click on the Next button.
    Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer
  12. Now reboot your PC and check if the AirPod Pro mic is working fine.
  13. If the issue persists, you may try another driver at step 11 (you may have to uncheck Show Compatible Driver) and check if that resolves the mic issue (you may try all the drivers one by one).

If none of the drivers does the trick for you, check if using the Bluetooth Headset Helper by Broadcom resolves the mic issue. If the problem persists, you may try to use an external (or another Bluetooth adapter using Bluetooth 5.0 like Jabra Link 380) to resolve the issue.


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