Fix: ‘Server Region is currently unavailable’ Dark and Darker

This server Region is currently unavailable error message occurs in Dark and Darker when the game server is not accessible for various reasons, such as the server is under maintenance or offline. If this error is not causing due to a server problem from the backend, then it could be due to not running the game as an administrator.
Sometimes Windows firewalls block the game from accessing the server region, which results in various server errors such as this one. Running the game as an administrator will help bypass firewall interference.

1. Check Server Status

The first thing you need to ensure before following all of the methods is to check the server status because there are many reports on Reddit indicating this error often occurs when the server gets under maintenance or offline. Hence, make sure to check the server status before doing anything to your Windows settings.

To check the server status, visit the official Twitter page of Dark and Darker. If you cannot find a single tweet about this issue, then proceed to the next following methods.

2. Restart the PC Multiple times

If you have not restarted your PC yet or even restated but not multiple times, then you should do this because restarting the PC will restart all the essential services that the game require to run properly. It is the best way to start troubleshooting as it often resolves temporary bugs and errors.

3. Run the game as an administrator

If restarting the PC multiple times did not fix your issue, try running the game as an administrator because it is possible that your game cannot access the essential files or the Windows firewalls are interfering and blocking the game from accessing the server.

Since Windows firewall monitors the incoming and outgoing data, it is recommended to try running the game as an administrator by using the following steps to avoid firewall interference:

  1. Right-click the game shortcut from the desktop or go to the game directory and right-click the DarkAndDarker.exe file.
  2. Now go to its Properties, then go to Compatibility.
  3. Tick Run this program as an administrator.
  4. Then, click Apply and click OK.
  5. Once done, launch the game to check if the error is fixed or not.

4. Turn off Private Domain Firewall

A private Domain Firewall is one of the Windows firewall profiles and is used to protect the system from unauthorized access on a private network. Since it monitors the inbound and outbound traffic, It is possible that the private domain firewall is preventing you from accessing the server, which results in this error message.

To fix this error, you can either turn off the Private Domain Firewall or allow the game from Windows firewall settings.

To turn off Private Domain Firewall, follow the steps:

  1. Click Start Menu and type Control Panel to open it.
  2. Then, go to System and Security > Windows Defender Firewall.
  3. Then, click Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off from the left pane.
  4. Now select Turn off Windows Defender Firewall under the private network settings.
  5. Once done, click OK. and launch the game. If you are able to connect to the server, then come back to the control panel and turn on the Windows Defender Firewall.

5. Allow the game through Windows Firewall

You can also allow Dark and Darker from the Windows Firewall Defender settings if you don’t want to turn off the private domain firewall temporarily. To do so, follow the steps:

  1. Click the Start Menu and search for the Control Panel to open it.
  2. Then, go to System and Security > Windows Defender Firewall.
  3. Click Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall from the left sidebar.
  4. Now click Change Settings, then click Allow another app.
  5. Click Browse and navigate to the directory where the game is located.
  6. Select the DarkAndDarker.exe file, click Open, then click Add.
  7. Once added, tick the Private and Public boxes.
  8. Then, click OK, now launch the game and see whether the error is fixed or not.

6. Turn off third-party antivirus software

If you have third-party antivirus software installed on your PC, you should try to disable your third-party antivirus because third-party antivirus applications are known to be interfering with the games and apps for no reason.

The following steps might vary depending on your antivirus software.

  1. Right-click the antivirus icon from the system tray on the bottom right.
  2. Hover over the name of your antivirus software, then click Disable for 10 minutes or Disable permanently. You can also uninstall the third-party antivirus if this does not work.
  3. Once done, launch the game and check for the error message.

- FAQs

How do I fix Server Region Unavailable error in Dark and Darker?

Right-click the game shortcut and go to its properties. Then go to Compatibility and tick Run this program as an administrator. Once done, click Apply and click OK.

What causes Server Region Unavailable error?

Running the Dark and Darker without administrator privileges often causes this error due to firewall interference. You can avoid this by running the Dark and Darker as an administrator.


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Fix: ‘Server Region is currently unavailable’ Dark and Darker

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