How to Disable Windows Firewall

There are a number of different cases where in order to resolve a conflict or to reduce the number of pop-ups occurring, we need to disable the Firewall. Windows Firewall is a software component of Microsoft Windows. Its function is to provide a firewall and filter all the incoming and outgoing packets by the computer.

If you have a trusted antivirus software installed, there almost no need for the Firewall to be enabled. Your antivirus also monitors the incoming and outgoing packets and warns you if it spots something suspicious. There are a number of different ways to disable your Windows Firewall. Check out the methods below.

Using start menu

  1. Open the Start menu. You can do this either by clicking the Windows logo on your keyboard or clicking the Windows logo present at the bottom left side of your screen.

  1. Type “firewall” in the search dialogue that comes up. From the list of results, select the option which says “Windows Firewall”.

  1. After you click it, the interface of Windows Firewall will open. Now you have to look for an option which says “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”. It will be present at the left side of the screen.

  1. Now you will see two checkboxes. One for Private networks and the other for Public networks. You can easily disable Firewall for both of them by clicking the option “Turn off Windows Firewall”.

  1. After making the changes, click Ok to save your settings and exit. Your Firewall is now disabled.

Using Control Panel

You can also disable the Firewall using the control panel.

  1. Navigate to your computer’s control panel. Once in the control panel, click on the heading “System and Security”. It will most probably be the first heading in your control panel.

  1. Once in System and Security, click on Windows Firewall. It will be present in the list of options in the menu.

  1. Now follow the steps from the method of “using start menu” from the step # 3 listed at the start of the article.

Using Run application

The fastest way to launch the Windows Firewall menu is through the run application.

  1. Launch the Run application (press Windows + R button). In the dialogue box, type “firewall.cpl”. This will directly launch the Windows Firewall interface.

  1. Now follow the steps from the method of “using start menu” from the step # 3 listed at the start of the article.

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