Pixel Watch 2 Rumored to Feature the Snapdragon W5 Chipset

We’ve been hearing how the Pixel Watch 2 will supposedly launch alongside the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro in the second half of 2023, but like with the Pixel 7a, it seems as if Google is really bad at keeping secrets. Now, It appears that the internal specifications of the Pixel Watch’s successor have also been leaked.

Starting off with the chipset, the original Pixel Watch featured the outdated 2018’s Exynos 9110 chip. Now, we would expect to see something a bit more powerful, and rumors point towards the Snapdragon W5. The Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 was launched just last year, which features four A53 cores at 1.7GHz with dual Adreno 702 GPUs.

Google’s decision to use a Snapdragon chipset in the Pixel Watch 2 rather than Exynos is interesting. This change is supposed to improve the battery life, and with the always-on display turned on, the Pixel Watch 2 is expected to last for more than a day despite having a battery of a same size as its predecessor.

Now this is the effect a watch’s chipset has on it’s overall performance and battery. For reference, the original Pixel Watch lasts for a day, with the AOD turned off.

AOD on the original Pixel Watch | Google

Furthermore, the Pixel Watch 2 would feature health sensors like to those seen in the Fitbit Sense 2. One of these sensors is a specialized skin temperature monitor, while another is a continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA) sensor for monitoring stress levels throughout the day.

The Sense 2 has a specialized sensor that measures nighttime skin temperature variations, whereas previous Fitbit devices used ordinary sensors for this purpose. Google has yet to reveal how it plans to use these sensors to improve the Pixel Watch 2’s experience.

Not only that, but Wear OS 4 is coming soon, and the Pixel Watch 2 should be one of the first devices to use it. Google has hinted that the upcoming OS upgrade would include a number of fixes and enhancements that will greatly improve the responsiveness and speed of apps.

As of now, this is all we know for now, but with Google’s level of confidentiality concerning its upcoming releases, we can expect to see more in the future. Till then, we will make sure to keep you updated on all developments as new information becomes available.


Muhammad Qasim

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