Get Your Hands on Pixel 7a Right Now For Less Than The Expected Price

It seems you may get your hands on a brand new Pixel 7a for less than you would think. An unlocked Pixel 7a was recently listed on eBay by a user for $485. From what we can tell from the posted photos, this individual seems to be who they claim to be in the ad.

Unless readers are really interested in trying the product for themselves, we won’t suggest them go out and purchase it. If you are curious about how the individual had access to the gadget before it was released, there are a few methods, such as having connections with the supply chain. Alternatively, the item might be a fake product.

We reported earlier that Google will be giving out a pair of Pixel Buds as a pre-order incentive for early Pixel 7a customers.

The Pixel 7a is anticipated to go on sale in Europe for €509, which is €50 more than what Google is presently charging for the Pixel 6a. According to additional sources, the price of the device should increase by a same amount in both the US and the UK, where it will likely sell for $499 and £499, respectively.


Muhammad Zuhair

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