Google Pixel 8 Pro: New Design and Mysterious Sensor Teased in Leaked Renders

The first renders of Google‘s upcoming phone, the Pixel 8 have been revealed, and they show off a new design and an intriguing new sensor on the camera bar. The leaks come courtesy of @OnLeaks and SmartPrix, and they provide us with a first look at what we can expect from Google’s upcoming flagship phone.

The Design

The first thing that stands out about the Google Pixel 8 Pro is its design. The phone looks quite similar to its predecessor, the Pixel 7 Pro, but with some notable changes. For one, the phone appears to have ditched its curved display, at least mostly.

The straighter screen | onleaks x smartprix

At this point, we have seen how most of the companies are shifting to a curvy design, however Google appears to be moving back towards its roots, and moving to a much more straighter looking design, that complements the great hand feel Pixels are always known for.

This is a major improvement, given the frustration that comes with curved displays. From the past two years, on the flagship Pixel, with Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro, we have seen a curved display, however that is no more the case with the Pixel 8 Pro. In spite of that, it seems as if there’s still some room for slight curves along the edges.

The Unsymmetrical Bezels

Additionally, the Pixel 8 Pro’s display seems to have much slimmer bezels all around compared to past Google phones. While it’s difficult to confirm this with the leaks, they kind of went a bit unsymmetrical, toning down the top bezel which kind of makes the bottom one stand out, something that isn’t liked by a lot of consumers in 2023.

A Fourth Camera Sensor

Whilst all the above developments are exciting, what’s most intriguing about the Google Pixel 8 Pro is the addition of a new sensor on the camera bar. The phone has the same triple-camera array as the Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro, but this time, there’s a fourth sensor in place.

CAD Render showcasing the front and backside of the phone | onleaks x smartprix

There is no indication about the functionality of this sensor, but rumors suggest that it could be a better autofocus system, a macro or depth sensor, or something more advanced like LIDAR. Regardless, it’s exciting to see Google continually expanding on this design over time.

The Dimensions

The dimensions of the Pixel 8 Pro measure 162.6×76.5×8.7mm, which is slightly smaller than the Pixel 7 Pro‘s 162.9×76.6×8.9mm. The display size of the Pixel 8 Pro is around 6.52 inches. The phone is expected to launch later this year, almost surely with a Tensor G3 processor.

Let’s just hope that the G3 catches up with the latest Snapdragon flagship when it finally releases. As of now, this is all we know about the phone, however we will make sure to keep you updated on all developments as new information becomes available.

Source: smartprix


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