34 mins ago

    Quick Reply Support Announced For Next Update Of Chrome On Android

    Just as messaging applications running on cellphone operating systems allow users to tap on notifications…
    19 mins ago

    Intel Gears Up for Low Voltage 14nm+ Amber Lake-Y Series 5 W TDP Chips with Boosted Core Clocks

    Romanian tech news website NextLab501 and a Dell product listing on a Chilean website have…
    2 hours ago

    Escape From Tarkov patch 0.9 adds the first boss, The Dealbreaker

    Battlestate Games’ online multiplayer first person shooter just received another update. While Escape From Tarkov…
    3 hours ago

    Google’s Fuchsia OS May End Android Legacy

    Rumors first leaked about Google’s Zircon microkernel capability-based operating system on GitHub in the August…
    6 hours ago

    GrandCrab Ransomware v4.1.2 Theft Prevented With Salsa20 Algorithm

    GrandCrab Ransomware installs itself into host computer systems through disguised online downloads, most reportedly in…
    8 hours ago

    Unofficial Android P Released For Porting With Project Treble On Xiaomi Mi A1

    A familiar criticism that has come out of the technology industry regarding the Android operating…
    9 hours ago

    Huawei Considers Display Hole Instead Of Notch For Its Upcoming Smartphone

    Huawei is conceptualizing a prototype for a new smartphone and they’re doing away with the…
    10 hours ago

    Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Discussion Forums Open Following Product Launch

    Following the launch of the massive (literally) Xiaomi Mi Max 3, a forum has popped…
    10 hours ago

    Microsoft’s SwiftKey Keyboard Updated to include Significant Improvements for Arabic Dialects

    Microsoft today just unveiled a significant update to its SwiftKey keyboard for Android including several…
    11 hours ago

    Enter the Gungeon expansion Advanced Gungeons & Draguns has launched

    Enter the Gungeon is a bullet hell rougelike with a retro art style developed by…