Clix Wins First-Ever Fortnite Match on the Apple Vision Pro

The new Apple Vision Pro has been making headlines, with users finding some of this new product’s most creative use cases. Be it, driving with the Vision Pro, multitasking, or making a FaceTime call, watching YouTube and simultaneously filing your taxes… you get the gist of it.

The gaming community has also taken a liking to the Vision Pro, since in normal scenarios, it is actually not much different than wearing glasses.

A Rather Weird Setup

CouRageJD was supposedly the first creator to win a Fortnite game using the Vision Pro, on an external PC. In simple terms, Courage had a monitor in front of him, allowing him to use the Apple Vision as spectacles, literally. The interesting thing is that setup results in almost no delay. The not so appealing part is that many gamers questioned the legitimacy of Courage’s claim.

Clix’s concept is slightly different, as the actual PC running Fortnite is present in another room. Using a Discord screenshare, Clix is basically mirroring his PC’s output to the Apple Vision Pro, resulting in a 2000ms delay. The PC located elsewhere is controlled using a wireless mouse and keyboard, adding more latency.

Now you’d ask, “Why even bother“? The premise here is to prove a point, and win even in such bizarre conditions. The definition of this title is actually still debatable, but we’ll get to that in the end.

Clix Wearing the Apple Vision Pro | Clix

When viewed from Clix’s perspective, he can easily manage both Fortnite and the ongoing Twitch live stream. The screen share quality seems to be okay-ish since Discord wasn’t exactly made with such a situation in mind.

Clix Managing Both Fortnite and Twitch | Clix

From what we noticed, Clix’s skills did take a noticeable impact, however, we’d fare no better if we too were bound like this. As we said above, every click and button takes more than 2 seconds to register on-screen. In the first game after getting lasered down in the storm, Lacy (Clix’s partner) also fell victim to the Thunder Burst SMG.

The First Ever ‘True’ Victory Royale on the Apple Vision Pro

The same story repeated in the 2nd attempt, where valiant efforts bore no fruit. In the 3rd and final game, following a fierce battle, Clix was knocked. Everything was in the hands of Lacy, who despite immense pressure, managed to clutch the decisive 1v1. A few more battles followed suit, yet all remaining enemies were no match for Clix.

The First True Victory Royale With the Apple Vision Pro | Clix

Cutting to the chase, Clix officially secured the first ‘true’ Victory Royale in Fortnite using the Apple Vision Pro. To be fair, most of the fighting was done by Lacy, especially at the end.

The unusual setup can certainly challenge the authenticity of this being a contender for the ‘First Victory Royale’. Let’s be real though, we’ll have the true answer once the Vision Pro is capable enough to run Fortnite independently, which doesn’t seem likely at least for now.

Source: Clix


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