Opera Adds Video Enhancement Tools to a Variety of Video Streaming Services, Works Like DLSS and FSR

Have you ever logged onto YouTube with the intention of watching old favorites or reliving fond experiences, only to be frustrated by the poor quality of the available content and were forced to settle for what you found? In this day and age, when technology is really moving rapidly toward 8K gaming and 8K video capture, things like a 360p or 240p video seem like they belong in another period entirely.

It seems as if that’s no more the case as recently Opera GX has introduced the RGX Mode, which according to the company, enhances the content quality and the overall experience. It doesn’t need any subscription and can work on any video streaming platform. For most people who have used it, the technology appears to be useful mostly in situations when you need to read certain words or recognize specific patterns or symbols that may appear blurry otherwise.


According to Opera, there is no need to worry about the technology using up any extra resources on your system. However, in today’s world, if anything like this comes up, people’s thoughts immediately go to that one same place…

In addition to this, Opera has also added another feature known as ‘Lucid Mode‘ that lets you clarify and sharpen old videos. The company however doesn’t talk about how this clarity is achieved. All they say is:

Once turned on, Lucid Mode will add sharpness and clarity so that content can be enjoyed as it was meant to be—in comfort and relaxation, without the hassle or stress of poor quality impeding the experience,”

As with the RGX Mode, the Lucid Mode is also compatible with all video streaming platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. To turn this mode on, simply open a video and click the floating button on the screen. 

While all this is great, it isn’t something that wasn’t available before. However, the integration appears to be smooth, making it considerably easier for consumers to utilize the technology. In addition to this, we want to hear from you, so feel free to share your opinions and experiences with this function down below.



Farhan Ali

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