Google is Rebranding Bard to “Gemini”

Doing what it does best, Google has chosen to rebrand one of its services. We may have all seen this coming a mile away, but the search engine giant is getting ready to rebrand Bard as Gemini across all of its devices and services. This will effectively make Bard obsolete in the future.

In last year’s Pixel 8 event, Google spent a lot of time discussing its plans to consolidate its AI assistant and all of its features into one service that improves everything. And then word got out that Assistant with Bard was officially going through. The signs are starting to point to Gemini as the one thing that will completely replace Bard.

Google is rebranding Bard, according to a new report. The website states, “Bard is now Gemini.” This change is being noticed on both mobile devices and the web version, which indicates that Google is seriously considering this, and it will be implemented soon. Also, we need to remember that this trend could lead Bard Advanced to become Gemini Advanced, so that’s something to think about when we plan for the future.

Google Bard Website

Google’s History of Rebranding Services

The rebranding of Bard is unfortunate. This is just another example of Google’s tendency to rebrand or discontinue previously successful products and services. Even though it’s not as terrible as Twitter becoming X, many of us speculated about it because of Google’s past.

Remember that the update isn’t live just yet and that Google will need some time to overhaul it entirely. The way the business is run, it’s possible that we won’t even receive an official explanation for why this change has occurred. A possible explanation that comes to mind is that Google is reluctant to have a multitude of AI-related products as it could lead to consumer confusion. On the other hand, Gemini and Lumiere both exist, so the search engine giant could eliminate one of them.

For people, who have used Google for as long as anyone can remember, watching the gradual demise and rebranding of Google services becomes incomprehensible after a while. It seems like something is still lacking, even though the company is extremely successful and well-known. I believe Google made a mistake by proceeding with the rebranding because it has a significant influence on the brand’s identity, whether it’s Bard or Gemini.

Source: Dylan Roussel


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