Nothing Phone (2) Finally Lets You Break the Green Bubble Barrier, Brings iMessage to Android

For years, Apple has kept its iMessage messaging service exclusive to iPhones, despite public demand for it to be available on Android. However, this may be changing soon. Nothing has introduced a new feature called Nothing Chats that allows its users to send messages to iPhones.

What is Nothing Chats?

Nothing Chats is powered by Sunbird Messaging, a third-party app that previously provided this functionality. With the launch of Nothing Chats, Nothing has integrated this feature directly into its ecosystem, though it’s currently exclusive to the Phone (2).

Here’s how the Nothing Chats interface looks like

How exactly does it work? Well, your iCloud information is linked to a random Mac Mini located somewhere in the world, which acts as a relay to deliver your messages from one end to the other.

In terms of privacy, Nothing emphasizes that your messages pass through the relay without being stored on their servers. And that’s not all; Sunbird has confirmed that it will delete account information for inactive users after two weeks.

Android users have long been able to send blue bubbles via apps like Beeper and Sunbird, but Nothing’s implementation is the first of its kind from an OEM mobile company. However, this move will likely catch a lot of attention within the walls of the Cupertino headquarters, especially since the Phone (2) has been selling well in the West.

Although this move may not directly threaten the dominance of the iMessage service, Nothing’s CEO, Carl Pei, seems to have a more altruistic motivation. According to Pei, “messaging services are dividing phone users,” and the goal is to “break down those barriers.”

Nothing Chats’ Limitations

While Nothing Chats offer a direct messaging option through iMessage, they come with certain limitations, like how sent messages cannot be edited, and group chats and Tapbacks (iMessage message reactions) work irregularly. Not only that, but there are occasional challenges with inter-platform communication.

As Nothing Chats are exclusive to Phone (2) users, a significant portion of the Android ecosystem will apparently miss out on breaking the green bubble barrier. This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


Muhammad Qasim

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