[UPDATED] Discord is Currently Down With Users Apparently Blocked From the Service

Recently, it has come to light that Discord is facing some severe issues causing users to be ‘Blocked‘ from the service. Currently, the impact is visible across Discord’s web and app versions, with mobile relatively unaffected. Discord is currently investigating this problem, so users need not panic.

– Discord has been facing widespread API problems for the last couple of hours.
– The issue is speculated to be directly related with Cloudflare. Discord reports that users have been blocked temporarily due to a sudden traffic spike.
– Users are unable to access the service and are greeted with a not-so-warm ‘you have been blocked’ welcome.

PROBLEM FIXED Discord confirms that the API-related problem(s) have been resolved at their end. Users are suggested to restart their clients to iron out any inconveniences.

Is Discord Down?

About an hour or two ago, Discord’s API started to feel sluggish, and not moments later, the service was inaccessible for many. The error message reads;

Sorry, you have been blocked

You are unable to access discord.com

Discord Error Message

It is pertinent to mention that Discord is aware of this and hard at work to alleviate the issue at hand. Users have expressed their concern on X (Formerly Twitter), with many taken aback by the rather intimidating message.


Over at downdetector, there is a sudden surge in the number of problems indicated by users at Discord. This is, evidently, the exact same issue that we all are facing right now.

Discord down | downdetector

As stated before, Discord is still fixing the API Errors with no word on when the service will be back online.

Discord is Currently Looking into the Problem | Discord

The Community’s Reaction

Funnily enough, the Discord community at X has turned this event into a sort of a ‘memefest‘. Here are a few examples:


What Gives?

It is very easy to put the blame on Discord, however, Cloudflare, a vital service behind Discord is facing issues with its API. Connect the dots, and the nexus of our problem may actually be Cloudflare. The outbreak could be accredited to Cloudflare’s scheduled maintenance, which is still ongoing.

Cloudfare API Issues | Cloudflare

It is indeed frustrating that users were disconnected without notice, however, the only viable solution is to wait patiently.

[UPDATE 1] As a small update, Discord reports that the users were temporarily blocked due to a sudden traffic spike. The issue is still not fixed, though significant progress has been made (18:12 PKT).

[UPDATE 2] We can now access Discord using both the web and app services (19:07 PKT).

[UPDATE 3] All issues have been addressed and resolved by Discord. Users are suggest to restart their clients in case of any remaining faults (20:02 PKT).


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