How to Find Modpacks with Certain Mods in Minecraft [2024]

Key Takeaways
  • Modding enhances Minecraft by altering visuals, gameplay mechanics, and adding new content. Nexus Mods and Modpack Index are popular sites for finding mods and modpacks.
  • Modpacks are bundles of mods curated to work well together, available on sites like Nexus Mods and Modpack Index, which offers specific search filters for finding modpacks with desired mods.
  • Always back up your saves before modding to avoid data loss, and consider sharing your curated modpacks on Modpack Index to help the community.

Minecraft is one of the greatest games of all time, there’s no doubt about it now. It has more than endured the test of time and continues maintain a consistent playerbase. That is also partly because Minecraft is available on nearly every gaming platform; PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Android, iOS, macOS, etc. And while Minecraft may be a universal game at this point, the best way to experience Minecraft is on PC.

One of the best parts about PC gaming is modding. And Minecraft mods are a thing to behold. Just take a look at the official RTX mod by NVIDIA for Minecraft. Try telling anyone if it doesn’t look rad. And with a game like Minecraft you’ll be looking to download whole modpacks and not just a few mods. Let us help you out.

Minecraft modpacks is something anyone who mods, or is looking to mod, Minecraft should know about

What is Modding?

Modding is act of modifying the original game’s content intentionally, to enhance the gameplay experience. This can be in terms of visuals, gameplay mechanics, additional content, bug fixes, redesigns to cosmetic items etc. Modding comes in all shapes and sizes and can be applied to nearly aspect of the game.

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Where Can I Find Mods?

There are a lot of places where you can get mods. However, the most widely used and most reputable mod site has to be Nexus Mods. It has been around for more than 20 years and boasts active moderation and numerous sort and filtering options to help find the best mods that your game’s needs. Aside from Nexus Mods, you may find some mods on the game’s official forums or GameBanana.

Nexus Mods is arguably the most well-known place to get your mods

Most mods are free, and modders create mods at their own leisure. They usually have a donation page where they accept compensation for their hard work. Some mods, however, are completely paid and are usually found on Patreon.

What are Modpacks?

While Nexus Mods and the mentioned alternatives should suit your needs perfectly, it can be quite a hassle to look for multiple mods individually, especially when modding games like Minecraft. That’s where modpacks come in. Modpacks are essentially bundles of mods compiled by users that consist of multiple mods that they might be using themselves and are satisfied with the effects.

Nexus Mods has modpacks listed under the term “collections”

Modpacks are available on Nexus Mods. However, this is still a new feature in Nexus Mods and there are not a lot of options when it comes to filtering mod content. Therefore, there’ll be some modpacks where you’ll only like a few handful mods, but it would be a hassle to download all those unsuitable mods along with them. And that’s where Modpack Index comes in.

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Finding Modpacks with Certain Mods

If you’re looking to find a modpack with a specific mod diversity, Modpack Index will serve you better than Nexus Mods. Modpack Index is a site that is dedicated to modpacks for Minecraft. They have a catalogue for modpacks and mods alike, and for different app versions of Minecraft. In case, you have that one mod that you refuse to let go of, you can look up modpacks containing that mod.

Here’s how to search for your choice of modpacks on Modpack Index:

  1. Open up Modpack Index. Choose the Pack Finder option from the top menu.
    Choose “Pack Finder”
  2. Once the Pack Finder menu appears, start by choosing your Minecraft version by clicking on the drop-down.
    Choose your Minecraft app version
  3. Next, select the desired categories for the modpack by typing in the desired option. This refers to the kind of modpack you’re looking for e.g. exploration, combat etc.
    Choose your desired categories
  4. Then, enter the name(s) of the mod(s) you would like to see in the modpack.
    Enter the name(s) of the mod(s) that you would like to be included in the modpacks
  5. Similarly, you can also enter the name(s) of any mod(s) you don’t want to see in the pack.
    Enter the name(s) of any mod(s) you don’t want to see in the modpacks
  6. Lastly, enter the minimum and maximum number of mods you’d like to see in the modpack. If you want, you can also set an amount for the minimum and maximum number times the modpack has been downloaded.
    Enter the required amounts
  7. Finally, click on Search to see if Modpack Index has any modpacks suiting your needs.
    Click on “Search”
  8. You can scroll down and see the results of your search.
    You will be able see your search results in a matter of seconds

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Unfortunately, if you are not able to find a modpack to suit your needs, you’ll just have to download all your desired mods individually. If you do, think about uploading them on the Modpack Index. Maybe someone will like your taste in mods. But don’t forget to give credit to all those amazing modders who do all that hard work for us.

Make sure to keep backups of your saves and world, as modding can be risky business in any game. That’s all from our side, and we hope that this helps you find the best possible mods.


What is modding?

Modding is the act of modifying game files for the purpose of adding/removing content or attempting to fix the game.

What are modpacks?

Modpacks are a catalogue of compiled mods, that have been organized to suit a particular purpose. It is a list of mods that work well in conjunction and help augment each other’s individual features.

Where can I find modpacks with specific mods?

Modpack Index’s Pack Finder can help you find mods for Minecraft that help suit your needs. They offer multiple search filters that can narrow down your search to just what you need.


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