How to Completely Uninstall Nexus Mod Organizer 2

The Nexus Mod Organizer 2 is a useful tool for managing mods, some users may consider it “bad” or difficult to use because it can be more complex and less user-friendly than other mod managers available. Mod Organizer 2 has a steeper learning curve compared to other mod managers, and it requires users to manually configure certain settings and options to ensure compatibility with their games and mods.

Complete guide to uninstalling the Mod Organizer 2
Complete guide to uninstalling the Mod Organizer 2

However, In this guide we’ll go through a variety of ways that’ll help you delete the Nexus Mod Organizer 2 off of your windows computer. 

1. Using the Windows Control Panel

One of the few ways to uninstall the Nexus Mod Manager 2 is to utilize the Windows Control panel’s built-in add or remove program feature. Before proceeding, make sure that the application is not running in the background. Here’s how to do so :

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard to open the start menu.
  2. In the start menu search bar, type “Add or remove program”. 

    Opening the Add or remove program window
    Opening the Add or remove program window
  3. Now, In the list of applications. Find Mod Organizer 2. 
  4. Click on it, and Click on the “Remove” button. Follow along the uninstallation procedure to remove the Mod organizer 2 from your computer. 

Once uninstalled, Restart your computer for changes to take effect. 

2. Using unins000.exe 

Another approach to uninstalling the NMO2 is by using the executable uninstaller found inside the installation directory. Follow these straight-forward steps to uninstall NMO2 using the NXM handler.exe:

  1. Before proceeding, Make sure that Mod organizer 2 and related processes are closed. 
  2. Now, Navigate to the Mod Organizer 2 installation directory. The default installation directory is as follows:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Mod Organizer 2
  3. Locate the “unins000.exe” file and double-click to run it.
  4. Click on the Yes button when prompted to.
    Clicking on the Yes button inside the prompt
    Clicking on the Yes button inside the prompt
  5. Once uninstalled, restart your computer to ensure that all Mod Organizer 2 components have been completely removed. 

3. Manually deleting the files

This method is not recommended at all, as it can potentially leave behind leftover files and registry entries that can cause problems down the road. However, if you chose to do this delete all associated files and folders from your computer. 

4. Using a Third-Party uninstaller 

There are many third-party applications that operate similar to the windows add or remove program feature. You can delete the Mod Organizer 2 via these third-party applications. These applications will scan your computer and allow you to Uninstall Mod Organizer 2.


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How to Completely Uninstall Nexus Mod Organizer 2

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