Mashle: Magic & Muscles, A Cream-Puffed Harry Potter Parody

Hajime Komoto's cream puff loving boy with muscles against magic!

Spring season is the best when it comes to providing some of the most fun anime series for the anime community. This time, we have a fun fusion of One Punch Man and Black Clover with the infamous Harry Potter. Mashle; Magic & Muscles is a fun, cream-puffed parody child of these well-known series.

This article aims to provide an introduction to the world of Mashle: Magic and Muscles. On top of this, it explains why it is worth watching before it gains more popularity as a spring anime. We will review each element of Mashle to help you decide whether or not to watch it. If you prefer darker and more gruesome shows, then you can give a read to Hell’s Paradise or JJK.

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Mashle: Magic & Muscle’s Plot

In a world where magic reigns, Mash Burnedead is deemed a danger to the gene pool. This is due to him lacking magical abilities. He lives hiding in the forest and spends his days focusing on physical training. He does so to become as strong as those who possess magic.

However, when Mash’s true identity is revealed and his peaceful existence is jeopardized, he sets out on a mission to become a “Divine Visionary” (a position of great power) that would force the magical society to acknowledge and accept him.

Mash then joins the Easton Magic Academy, where he competes against other students who come from powerful and elite families. He is determined to succeed and relies on his physical strength to overcome each challenge. If he can beat the magical obstacles with his fists, he could become the Divine Visionary.

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The Nostalgic but Fun Harry Potter Vibe

Mashle is an anime that incorporates aspects of Harry Potter into its storyline, such as a magical school similar to Hogwarts, funny characters reminiscent of Dumbledore, and magical items like cloaks and wands.

However, it also includes elements from other popular anime such as Mob Psycho, One Punch Man, and Black Clover. If you’re a big fan of Harry Potter, you will likely enjoy this parody, but it offers much more than just those references.

In addition, Mashle isn’t solely a comedy; it also has darker and slower moments, while still incorporating humor, resulting in a well-balanced storyline and perfect pacing for binge-watching.

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What Worked?

Mashle’s attempt to create a comedic Harry Potter parody by incorporating some of its elements was successful in providing an enjoyable experience for those seeking alternative fantasies in the HP universe. The way in which the well-known Harry Potter themes have been portrayed in Mashle is particularly effective and novel.

While there are some similarities in how non-magical (muggles) people are treated, Mashle gives it an athletic twist and introduces its own magical ministry and academy. Despite being quite similar to the original HP series, the way Mashle: Magic & Muscles presented its world building is intriguing.

The third element that can appeal to anime viewers is the swiftness and simplicity of the story. It creates a pleasant and whimsical atmosphere with its own comical and amusing surprises.

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What Sucks in Mashle: Magic & Muscles?

“Mashle: Magic and Muscles” may upset die hard Harry Potter fans, as it diverges from the traditional approach of the magical world in the Harry Potter series. While Mashle has its own distinctive storyline, it may disappoint fans who are expecting something similar to HP’s setting and world.

Furthermore, Mashle’s main character Mash, does not possess the same empathetic qualities that our beloved Harry Potter has. This could be a cause for concern and potentially push away fans, especially those looking to relive the magical experiences associated with Harry Potter.

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The Curse of Cliche & Overpowered MC

The main character in Mashle: Magic and Muscles is Mash. Despite not having any magical abilities, he trains himself to become superhumanly strong. He is capable of defeating anyone with his athletic body and can even dodge spells with his bare hands.

Although it’s a bit cliché, the protagonist of this anime strongly resembles Saitama, Mob and Saiki K. However, the show’s magical world building adds an interesting twist that keeps viewers engaged.

What Worked?

While Mashle does have a clichéd overpowered MC, the show also features some unique and fun moments that make it worth watching. Additionally, there are magic versus muscle fights that are both hilarious and dramatic enough to keep viewers hooked to their screens.

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What Sucks in Mashle: Magic & Muscles???

Let’s get this straight: anime like One Punch Man, Mob Psycho, Saiki K, etc. seemed interesting at one point. However, the increase in such overpowered characters is getting boring at this point. The main character of Mashle appears to be a typical overpowered and uninterested protagonist.

This is a common trope in anime, which may not appeal to hard core anime viewers, who may find it cliché. In addition, the main character seems to lack depth development, which can be frustrating for some viewers.

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Our Final Verdict on Mashle: Magic & Muscles

Mashle may appear to be just another humorous parody of the Harry Potter series, but it is actually highly entertaining and full of surprises due to its lovable characters and creative world-building. If you enjoy lighthearted anime with a bit of action and drama, Mashle: Magic & Muscle is a great choice to watch this season.

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