Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku & The Influence of Adaptability

The anime series ‘Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku‘ is a good example of the famous saying by Greek philosopher Heraclitus “Change is the only constant in life”.  Written by Yuji Kaku, this anime series is the third installment in Mappa’s dark anime trilogy.

Set in the Japanese Edo period, the story revolves around the main character Gabimaru, a powerful Shinobi. Along with Gibimaru, we are introduced to Yamada Asaemon Sagiri, a formidable executioner from the Yamada clan.

This article will delve into the Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku anime series, known for its dark themes. We will also focus on Gabimaru’s journey to Hell’s island, examining how adaptability plays a significant role in the story.

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The “Second Chance”

The story follows Gabimaru, who was betrayed by his clan members and sentenced to death. Despite multiple attempts to execute him, Gibimaru remains hopeful and manages to repel each attempt. Though he is initially portrayed as a ruthless Shinobi, Gabimaru is revealed to deeply love his wife and yearns to escape his current life and live normally with her.

He only manages to dodge the executions because he wants to reunite with his wife and leave his old life behind. Yamada, a famed executioner, is summoned to carry out the execution of Gabimaru after several previous attempts had failed. However, instead of killing him, Yamada offers Gibimaru a chance to start anew with his wife.

This involved joining a group of dangerous criminals on a mission to find the Elixir of Immortality on an island. The individual who obtains the elixir will be granted a second chance at life and thus avoid execution.

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The Good & The Bad

Though “Hell’s Paradise” is a shonen anime with a dark and action-packed storyline, unlike its sister projects (e.g., “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “Chainsaw Man” by Mappa), the series conveys a profound message that resonates with real-world issues. How do you see the Good in Good and the Bad in Bad?

As humans, we tend to categorize the world into good and bad, but we must remember that life includes both good and evil. In addition, there are many gray areas in life where we need to reevaluate our moral compass from time to time.

“Are any of us truly without sin? You seem to be suffering a great deal. But acts of regret and reflection…are part of atonement. If even a single person who accepts you should appear…then…is that not enough?”


“Hell’s Paradise” illustrates how, when facing mortal peril, humans tend to disregard distinctions between good and bad and prioritize their survival above all else. Self-preservation becomes the chief concern, and the usual ethical considerations become secondary. This selfish, survival-oriented aspect of human nature is also evidenced by the desire for immortality.

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The Influence of Adaptability

Adaptability refers to the ability to adjust your actions and reactions based on changes in your environment. This means being able to make appropriate adjustments in uncertain or new situations. How is this concept related to Hell’s Paradise? The answer lies in the story of the anime. When dangerous and convicted criminals arrive on the island, they are forced to stay with their executioners.

The island is hostile to everyone, and both the executioners and the criminals seek to discover an elixir that will give them a new life. The executioners need the elixir to gain domination and an advantage in their field, while the criminals hope to start over.

“My own life takes top priority and I’m not planning to die. My whole goal’s to survive and make it home. Home to my wife. I’m not about to lay down my life. But I’ll sacrifice whatever it takes otherwise. My ideals, reason, sense, even my humanity.”


Humans have a capacity to adapt to challenging situations where both good and evil exist. Gabimaru and Yamada are trying to survive on a hostile island with different motivations. Yamada wants to demonstrate her strength to her clan despite being a woman and succeed in a male-dominated field.

Meanwhile, Gabimaru desires to leave his current life behind and begin a new one with his wife, tired of the way things have been. Two parties opposite to each other’s nature come together to search for the elixir and survive on an island known to be the deadliest in the whole Hell’s Paradise anime.

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Adaptability as a Hope

Adaptability is an important skill to cope with life’s constant changes. When you are inflexible, you risk missing out on better solutions by only considering your own ideas. This could make others feel unheard or unappreciated, potentially pushing them away. Seeking input from others may provide unexpected solutions to the challenges you’re facing in life.

Adaptability is needed because change is unavoidable in life. In a dangerous place like Hell’s Paradise, survival is key, and characters may do anything to stay alive. Trusting one another and adapting to each other’s habits becomes a vital part of their nature. To gain an advantage and survive, it is necessary to combine the good and the bad.

“Through my work, I have witnessed the final moments of all manner of people. When they are on the brink of death, I perceive what lies in their hearts. The blade reflects one’s true nature. Some may bluff and keep a brave face to the bitter end…some turn desperate and cling to life…while others deceive themselves into accepting death.”

Yamada Asaemon Sagiri
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End Note:

Although there are more things to discover in Hell’s Paradise as the story progresses, it accurately portrays the true nature of humans and how they can sacrifice their ego, status, and prejudice for survival. If you’re interested in comprehending intricate anime themes, check out our latest blog on The Complex Personality of Gojo Satoru in Jujutsu Kaisen.

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