Julius Novachrono: The Tragic Wizard King of Black Clover

The Tragic Tale of One Body-Two Souls Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom!

The Shonen anime genre is vast, with some of the most underrated hidden gems like Dr. Stone and The Case Study of Vanitas, among many others. Black Clover is a new addition to the next-generation big three shonen anime category.

The series features average animation but a gripping storyline with plot twists. If you’re a Shonen and Magic fan, binge-watch Black Clover! After a two-year hiatus, the show is back with a movie releasing on June 16th (how awesome is that?!). One thing that makes Black Clover stand out is how its characters are written.

The characters are shrouded in mystery, darkness, and uncertainty, making them intriguing and captivating. One such character that we will be focusing on today is Julius Novachrono. So, if you want to know all about the Tragic King of the Clover Kingdom, buckle up and read this article till the end!

Black Clover’s 28th Wizard King

In the series, Julius was initially portrayed as a cheerful, tall, and blonde individual who appeared to be calm and collected most of the time. He was also the only person who supported Asta’s aspirations. However, as the show progressed, more details about his character were revealed. His position as the 28th Wizard King, his magic and all that he promotes.

Julius dreamt of creating a secure and caring magical kingdom that extends beyond Clover Kingdom’s borders. It appears that the character’s design was influenced by Erwin, the great leader of Attack on Titan. However, they made some adjustments by making him slightly less solemn and more lighthearted.

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Julius’s Journey in Black Clover

Julius hailed from the Spade Kingdom. He showed great ambition and concern for those around him. He was fascinated with magic from a very young age. This obsession drove him to the Clover Kingdom, where he joined a noble family.

He later joined the Magic Knights’ Deer Squad. Like all the other protagonists in the Shonen genre, Julius wanted to become a captain, following in the footsteps of his inspiration, Zara Ideale. Julius actively recruited several potential candidates, including Yami, Morgen, and William, to join the Magic Knight Squad.

This demonstrates his commitment to serving the represented people and expanding the use of magic in the Clover Kingdom. Although Julius was not immune to conflict, he worked hard in the series to resolve the ongoing conflict between the Clover and Diamond Kingdoms.

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One Body, Two Souls

But behind all that flashy magic and hopeful persona, Black Clover’s creators were hiding one of the most shocking plot twists of the story. Julius Novachorono was born with two souls. His body acted as a vessel for holding not one but two souls. One of his own and the other one was of his polar opposite, his brother Lucius Zogratis.

Otakus were shocked to learn about Lucius’s connection to Julius, which caused a significant shift in the story’s dynamic. Following this revelation, Julius’s character undergoes a dramatic transformation. His position was drastically changed in the anime.

His relationships with the other characters also change. This transformation leads Julius to finally accept and embrace his devil-possessed form, which results in Julius’s fall from his position of being a protector and savior of the Clover Kingdom.

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The Devil Devours the King Alive

Black Clover portrayed this storyline effectively by introducing a character who was initially enthusiastic and determined, only to later reveal a surprising and dark twist to their personality. The character, who was once a defender and advocate for safe magic, has now become a devil capable of posing a significant threat to the Clover Kingdom and Asta.

The transformation of Julius is both surprising and unsettling because his evil twin didn’t just switch bodies with him, but actually devoured his soul. What remains unclear is whether Lucius will eventually relinquish control and let Julius return? Or if Julius is gone for good, absorbed by his malevolent twin and time devil Astaroth?

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Lucius & His Plans Against Humanity

Lucius hosts Astaroth, one of the three rulers of the Underworld and the highest-ranking Qliphoth devil. Astaroth, also known as the Time Devil, aims to utilize the power of the devils to create immortal bodies for humanity.

Lucius intends to kill feeble humans and then bring them back to life as stronger beings. His malicious objective is to create a horde of immortal zombies who will serve him obediently. Black Clover provided an explanation of how Lucius switched and consumed Julius in a subtle manner.

Lucius possesses a grimoire that contains two spades overlapping each other, with one spade facing straight and the other facing upside down. According to the show, a spade sign represents death. Thus, an inverted spade implies rebirth or resurrection which is the main goal of Lucius.

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Devil, Human & the Contract of Immortality

It is possible that Julius and Lucius are magically bound to live in peace and harmony because they both have similar forehead markings. Specifically, Julius has a blue star on his left temple while Lucius has a black sun marking on the right side of his forehead.

It is possible that Julius is hosting Astaroth, and Lucius discovered this and used forbidden magic to make a contract with Astaroth as an equal. Therefore, it is likely that only Lucius has possession over Astaroth, the devil, and not the other way around where the devil has possession over Lucius (Mindboggling)!

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End Note

We believe that Julius is a tragic character in Black Clover, aside from the battle between Lucius, Julius, Astaroth, and Asta. He lacks free will and is not in control of his own body. The devil and other evil humans use him as a vessel to cause chaos.

This is a sad situation for both Julius and the people of Clover Kingdom, as they have a wizard king who is basically a ticking time bomb that could lead to their downfall. What is your opinion on whether Julius will be resurrected or if Lucius will possess Astaroth and take the lead?

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