Intel is Planning To Provide Ray Tracing Capabilities On Its iGPUs

Reports have surfaced stating that Intel plans to provide RT capabilities on its iGPUs. Intel’s integrated graphics solution for its 14th gen CPUs (Codenamed ‘Meteor Lake‘) is reported to feature some major architectural leaps.

Meteor Lake iGPUs will be equipped with the Xe-LPG architecture, which is derived from Intel’s current Xe-HPG (High Performance Graphics) architecture. You can read more about it here. Expect a few changes in the actual GPU such as the lack of XMG units.

Regarding support for HW ray tracing on Meteor Lake iGPUs, it is believed that they support it. Other than that, in the code part that determines the HW ray tracing support, it seems that Meteor Lake GPU supports it as well as Alchemist / DG2 and Ponte Vechhio because there is no change .


Bear in mind, the current Xe-HPG architecture features support for hardware ray tracing. If we take into account the fact that Xe-LPG (Upcoming architecture) is merely a derivative of the latter (Xe-HPG), then we can expect RT capabilities on Meteor Lake’s iGPUs aswell. 

Intel’s Roadmap

Will iGPUs suffice for RT?

Meteor Lake is set to arrive sometime in 20232024. Intel plans to use its new tGPUs (Tile GPUs) allowing for high performance while being as efficient as iGPUs. NVIDIA’s RTX support still has its flaws and due to the excessive losses in performance, most don’t even bat an eye to this feature.

However, iGPUs having RT support may be useful for laptops. For college stutdents, small creators, such low-cost and portable laptops and workstations may just be the solution they need. 3D RT is extremely taxing even on mid end GPUs such as the RTX 3050. While not being the best in performance, these iGPUs will still be miles ahead of the competition.


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