How to Delete Telegram Account on Mobile & PC [2024]

Key Takeaways
  • Telegram offers unique features, but consider its focus on less restricted content and potential privacy limitations before signing up.
  • Saying goodbye to Telegram is final. You can delete your Telegram account from both the app and the browser. The process is simple and can be done in a few clicks.
  • A break is an option! Leave your profile inactive and uninstall the app, but remember – inactivity for over 6 months triggers auto-deletion.

While Telegram boasts impressive features like large group chats, location-based discovery, and scheduled messaging, it might not always be the perfect fit.

Perhaps you’re looking for a more widely used platform among your contacts, or maybe you’ve discovered a new app that better suits your needs. Whatever the reason, deleting your Telegram account is a straightforward process – but unlike some apps, it doesn’t offer a simple one-click solution.

This guide will walk you through permanently deleting your Telegram account, ensuring you understand the consequences before hitting that confirmation button. 

What is Telegram?

What is Telegram?

Think of Telegram as the Reddit of messaging apps. Unlike its more mainstream counterparts, Telegram offers a platform with significantly fewer restrictions, attracting a diverse user base. While this adopts open communication, it allows for the sharing potentially questionable content, including leaks, unofficial software, and even cracked applications.

This freedom, however, comes at a cost. Telegram’s default encryption settings are not as strong as some users might prefer. The platform’s reputation for attracting users interested in less-than-legitimate activities can raise security concerns for some.

Considering all this, there might be several reasons for deleting your Telegram account:

  • Uncomfortable with unregulated content: If the potential exposure to leaks or unofficial software makes you uneasy, Telegram might not be the ideal platform.
  • Security concerns: Users seeking stronger default encryption may find comfort in switching to apps with more strong security features.
  • Focus on legitimate communication: A mainstream platform might be better if you primarily use messaging for everyday interactions and don’t require Telegram’s unique features.

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How to delete a Telegram account?

Whether switching to a new platform, simplifying your digital life, or having security concerns, deleting your Telegram account is straightforward. Deleting your account is permanent, so ensure you’re ready to lose all associated chats, media, and contacts before proceeding.

IMPORTANT: Exporting data before leaving Telegram

While Telegram doesn’t offer temporary account deactivation, you can export your chat history before permanently deleting your account. This allows you to hold onto those conversations for sentimental value or future reference.

Here’s how to export your Telegram data using the desktop app:

  1. Open the Telegram app and sign in using your regular Telegram credentials.
    Open Telegram App
    Open Telegram App
  2. Click the three horizontal lines in the top left corner to open the menu. 
    Click on 3 Dots
    Click on 3 Dots
  3. Navigate to “Settings.”
    Open Settings
    Open Settings
  4. Select “Advanced” from the list. 
    Click on Export Telegram Data
    Click on Advanced
  5. Scroll down within Settings and click on “Export Telegram Data.”
    Select the things you want to export
    Click on Export Telegram Data
  6. Select the chats you want to save, decide if public channels should be excluded, and pick if media like videos or GIFs should be included. You can even export your sent stickers! 
    Click Export
    Make your selections 
  7.  Once you’ve made your selections, click “Export. The time it takes will depend on how much data you’re saving. Telegram will notify you when it is finished. You can view the exported file by clicking “Show My Data.”
    Click Export
    Click Export

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1. How to delete a Telegram account on a browser?

Unlike some apps that offer a quick “delete account” option within their settings, Telegram requires a dedicated account deactivation page. This means you’ll need to use a web browser on your desktop or laptop to remove your account permanently.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process:

  1. Open your preferred web browser and go to
    Go to deactivation link
    Go to deactivation link
  2. On the deactivation page, you’ll see a field labeled “Your Phone Number.” Carefully enter the phone number associated with your Telegram account, including the country code.
    Enter your phone number
    Enter your phone number
  3. Once you enter your phone number, Telegram will send a confirmation code via SMS to that number. Enter the code in the box on the deactivation page.
    Enter the Code
    Enter the Code
  4. Click on the “Delete Account” button. A pop-up window will appear, asking you to confirm your decision. You’ll have the option to enter a reason for deletion (optional) before proceeding.
    Click Delete Account
    Click Delete Account
  5. Review the information in the confirmation window to ensure you’re ready to delete your account permanently. Once confident, click on the “Delete My Account” button.
    Confirm Deletion
    Confirm Deletion

2. How to delete a Telegram account on app?

While the desktop version offers a dedicated account deletion page, Telegram hides the option within the app for all platforms (Android, iOS, and Windows). Here’s how to find it:

  1. Open the Telegram app and tap on three horizontal lines in the top left corner.
    Tap on 3 dots
    Tap on 3 lines menu
  2. Select “Settings.”
    Open Settings
    Open Settings
  3. In Settings, locate and tap “Privacy and Security.”
    Open Privacy and Security
    Open Privacy and Security
  4. Scroll down to the “Delete My Account” and tap “If away for” 
    Tap If way for
    Tap If away for
  5. Choose a timeframe (1 month to 1 year) for inactivity before your account self-destructs.
    Choose the time
    Choose the time
NOTE: Regardless of your device’s operating system, remember that deleting your account through the app initiates a self-destruct timer. You’ll need to remain inactive for the chosen timeframe for the deletion to occur.

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Can you deactivate your Telegram account temporarily?

Telegram doesn’t offer temporary account deactivation. But you can take a break in a few ways. Simply leaving your profile inactive and uninstalling the app works, but inactivity for over six months triggers Telegram’s auto-deletion, wiping your account clean.

To prevent this, log in occasionally before that timeframe ends. If you want to avoid others seeing your online status while staying logged in, you can hide your “Last Seen” on Telegram.

What happens when you delete your Telegram account?

What happens when you delete your Telegram account?

Hitting delete on your Telegram account isn’t reversible. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Data wipeout: All your chats, messages, contacts, and media – are gone forever. Telegram says they permanently erase everything.
  • Group and channel impact: The groups and channels you created will keep functioning, and admins will retain their roles. Telegram picks a new leader from active members if you’re the sole admin.
  • Phone number freeze: You won’t be able to create a new account with the same phone number for a few days after deletion.
  • Spam bans remain: If your account was limited to spam, deleting it won’t lift the ban.

Think carefully before taking the plunge, as there’s no coming back from a deleted Telegram account.

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Final Thoughts

Deciding to delete your Telegram account is a personal choice. Remember, deleting your account is permanent, so weigh the consequences carefully. Before deleting the account, ensure you’ve exported any valued data and understand the implications.

If you’re simply seeking a break, consider going inactive or hiding your “Last Seen” status. The power to manage your digital footprint lies in your hands.


How do I delete a message I sent to a group?

Similar to deleting individual messages, simply tap and hold the message you want to remove, then select “Delete” from the menu. This will only erase the message from your chat history, not everyone else’s.

Can I delete messages sent by other members of a group?

Unfortunately, no. You can only delete messages you’ve sent yourself in a group chat. To remove messages from everyone’s chat history, you’d need to be the group administrator and have permission from the message sender.

How can I temporarily deactivate my Telegram account?

Telegram doesn’t offer temporary account deactivation. However, you can take a break by leaving your profile inactive and uninstalling the app. Be aware that prolonged inactivity (default is 6 months) triggers auto-deletion of your account.

What happens to my groups and channels when I delete my account?

Groups and channels you created will continue to function even after you delete your account. Admin privileges will remain with existing admins. Telegram will assign a new admin from active members if you’re the sole admin.

Will deleting my account remove a spam ban?

Telegram takes spam seriously and has measures in place to prevent its spread. If your account was flagged and limited for spam activity, deleting it won’t erase the record or lift the ban.


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