What is Google Bubble Level & How Does It Work [2024]

Key Takeaways
  • The Google Bubble Level tool uses your phone's accelerometer sensor to measure the levelness of a surface, offering a handy alternative to physical tools for minor leveling tasks.
  • Access the tool by typing 'bubble level' in your search bar or using Google Assistant, and place your phone flat on the surface to get an accurate reading.
  • For more features or precision, consider alternatives like Gamma Play's Bubble Level app on Google Play or ByteTool’s Online bubble level website.

If you’re looking for a perfect alignment of a picture frame, a precise placement of an object, or DIY-ing a piece of furniture, no need to reach out for a measure level. That’s not to say you should rely on your “imperfect” visual estimates and risk ending up with uneven results. Especially when the Google bubble level tool is a few taps away! So, forget toolboxes and say hello to this Google built-in tool.

Google Bubble Level
Google Bubble Level

What is Google Bubble Level?

Google bubble level is an accessible built-in tool that is dedicated to measuring the levelness of a surface on your phone. This feature uses your phone’s accelerometer sensor to determine if the object is horizontally or vertically aligned or not.

Using the Google bubble level is a convenient and handy way to find out how level a surface is. The tool requires your phone’s edge to be flat, as it uses this edge as the base to measure the surface’s levelness. This means that you can either place your phone flat on its back or use it in an upright position to get what you’re looking for.

Google Search
Phone flat on a surface

So, the next time you need to hang a picture with correct orientation, forget about looking for a physical spirit or a laser level in your office toolbox and simply use the Google Search app to make use of this tool.

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How to Use Google Bubble Level

Google bubble level can be accessed easily through your Android’s browser. All you have to do is type in ‘bubble level’ in the search bar and the Google bubble level will appear at the top of the search results.

Even more, if you don’t feel like typing it out, you can also speak out the words to Google Assistant and bubble level will pop up in the search results in an instant. Users even have the options to make this tool a widget on their phones for quick access.

If you’re an Apple user, you may also use Safari to access the Google bubble level. Although you should already have a Compass app that incorporates a level measurement tool to save you an extra step.

Once you’ve accessed the tool, begin by aligning your phone on the surface you wish to check, either horizontally or vertically. Make sure that there’s no bump that’s stopping your phone from being flat on the surface. The bubble on the screen will reveal the levelness of the surface.

Bubble level in Google Search
Bubble level in Google Search app

If the bubble is in the center of the guidelines and the reading shows zero degrees, it is an indicator that the surface is level. However, if the degrees indicate any deviation from zero, either negative or positive, it means that the surface is tilted or not entirely level.

It’s also important to ensure that your phone’s sensors are properly calibrated for accurate measurements. Any uneven surface, such as the protrusions of your camera or side buttons, can result in incorrect readings. Hence, we recommend that you utilize this tool only for minor leveling tasks, otherwise, the physical spirit level should be used for serious leveling work.

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Google Bubble Level Alternatives

Although Google bubble level is available on your phone’s browser, whether Android or Apple, there are also bubble level apps and websites that you can use if you need more features or precision.

Gamma Play Bubble Level app on Google Play is a great alternative with an accurate digital leveling tool that can be downloaded on your Android devices. Apart from a spirit level, this app also incorporates an inclinometer to measure slopes and angles. Additional features such as Angle Finder, Ruler app, Gradient and Tilt meter, makes this app a must-have for all your home improvement DIYs and projects.

Gamma Play app on Play Store
Gamma Play’s bubble level app on Play Store

If you prefer using a website, ByteTool’s Online bubble level provides an efficient way to measure the levelness of a surface right from your web browser. This website tool is especially handy for quick tasks and gets the job done without any additional installations.

ByteTool website
Online bubble level website

However, keep in mind that no app or website can be a replacement of the actual level app, but these tools can be utilized to perform everyday leveling checks when you don’t wish to use the real one.

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Final Thoughts

For those desperate times when you cannot seem to find your level-headedness, Google’s there to keep you straight and steady, quite literally! So let that old toolbox of yours collect dust because your phone is ready to level up. Just make sure it’s not placed on a wobbly surface, or you might end up with a “Picasso-esque” setup.


How precise is Google bubble level?

The precision of the Google bubble level tool depends on several factors such as the device shape and sensors and the app quality. When placed flat for measuring the level, any bumps on the device will result in an inaccurate reading due to the unleveling of the phone.

How do I test for level or plumb accuracy using Google bubble level?

When checking for level or plumb accuracy, hold any of the four sides of your device against the specific object. You can also place the phone down on any flat surface.

Are there free bubble level apps available on Google Play?

Yes, there are various free bubble level apps available on your Android smartphones. These apps include the ones by Gamma Play, Spend Apps, PixelProse SARL, Weather Radar and insharp.


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