God Of War Ragnarök Reimagined as a PS1 Demake

Try as you might, you can never really escape your past. While this is one of the lessons Kratos tries to instill in his son throughout the game, I highly doubt you’ll agree with it after seeing the demake treatment this game has received.

Ragnarok succeeds as a sequel, and while many would argue that it didn’t live up to their expectations, there is certainly no arguing over the fact that it features better gameplay with improved visuals, though it was also originally intended for the PS4.

On the flip side, however, the PS1 remake of the game appears less intriguing. To provide some context, there is a current trend toward creating 90s-style videogame adaptations of popular modern media. Keep in mind that this was back when 3-D was the gold standard for video game graphics, so, don’t be surprised to see the diversity in graphics, and this is exactly what demakes are.

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YouTuber, Jackarte has put in some effort in this PlayStation-style remake, down to the very boot animation. To reflect the technical limitations of hardware in the 1990s, the backgrounds are deliberately sketchy, and the animations are hilariously stiff. Even so, to add a funny element, the author has retained the audio quality from the original game itself. Kratos moves his body awkwardly as he swings across a gap, and Freya appears to be frozen in mid-charge.

Kratos and Atreus are seen in the opening scene sledding across a frozen Midgard. The Leviathan Axe looks like something out of Minecraft, and the wolves pulling their sled look like they’re pranced across the ice. In addition to seeing Kratos and Tyr make a show of bumping fists (or, more accurately, cubes), we also see Freya transforming back into human form after appearing as a blocky bird. There are no facial animations to convey emotion, as lets be honest, back in the day, simply recognizing the character as something from the real world was in itself a huge achievement. 

While there is nothing in this game that makes it exciting to play, there is something about the blocky figures and awkwardness that just wants the inner me to enjoy the trailer, if not play the game, but these demakes are simply trailers that do not make it to the final product as a playable game and are simply created for entertainment purposes.

If you want to see more of these demakes, make sure to check out, Jackarte’s YouTube channel.



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