Reddit User Recreates ‘Pulp Fiction’ as a PS1 Game

A video of a PS1 remake of Pulp Fiction has recently appeared on Reddit. The game’s creator, westonfahey79 (aka PotBoiler), has posted the gameplay clip on his channel.

From what can be seen in the video, it seems like PotBoiler‘s project is remarkably close to Tarantino‘s film, successfully recreating the famous apartment scene while being subtle. This little clip, re-created using Blender‘s game engine, UPBGE, demonstrates how the author has brought to life a less linear project than anticipated, as missions can fail if certain requirements are not met.

Players begin in the famous car boot shot as Jules and Vincent have a conversation; they then play the role of Vincent as he uses the elevator at the apartment building across the street. You’ll get a warning that says “you left Jules behind” if you drive too quickly.

Vincent searches every drawer and cupboard in the flat for the mysterious briefcase. Then everyone needs to escape quickly before the cops arrive, but you can’t just run ahead; instead, you have to keep an eye on Marvin to make sure he doesn’t lag behind, so you can deal with him later. If you shoot him, you will kill him, and the operation will fail.

You can tell it’s a PS1 demake since the visuals and animations are identical, and they’re probably worse than any PS1 game you’ve ever played. This remake includes both cutscenes and gameplay, and one of the sequences includes Jules’ famed statement from the original film.

However, for PotBoiler, this isn’t his first PS1 demake project, as he has previously also worked on fan favorite series such as Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad.


Farhan Ali

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