God of War Ragnarok Was Initially Planned for PlayStation 4, Says Developer

Recently, a developer that had worked on God of War Ragnarok has acknowledged that the game does not make optimal use of the PS5‘s technology and that it was initally intended to be played on the PS4.

Sony Santa Monica‘s animation director Bruno Velazquez was recently interviewed by Eurogamer, where he answered some of the queries in a lighter way, acknowledging some flaws in the game along the way. The main objective of God of War Ragnarok, according to him, was to create the best PS4 game possible, with PS5 features serving as “icing on the cake,” meaning that the game won’t fully utilize the potential of the newer-gen console.

According to him, the reason why they decided to make this a PS4 game was because they wanted to support the fans, as there were so many people who had previously liked playing the game on PS4.

Therefore, the team has known from the very beginning that this will be a PlayStation 4 game. “We are going to make this the best PlayStation 4 game that we can make.” He explained that the team’s objective was to outperform God of War 2018 in every way possible. And so, having the PS5 version was simply the icing on top.

“Our goal is let’s make the best PS4 game; push on fidelity, content, bring the story to a close that we started – that was our primary goal. PS5, it’s just like haptic feedback, 3D audio, higher frame-rate and better graphics and textures. That’s just like the icing on the cake. So of course the PS5 version is going to be the best way to experience it, but the PS4 is going to be one of the games that pushes the PS4 to the max. Taking that philosophy and approach into it helped us to set the goalposts for ourselves, that we want to make a great PS4 experience and an even better PS5 experience.”

Although the game may have been designed for the PS4, the developers did an excellent job of exceeding expectations, since the game received very high marks from critics.

However, Sony has provided a variety of graphic modes for the game on PS5, so you shouldn’t rule them out.


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