PC Gaming Race Glorious Model O Mouse Review

Glorious is not known to a lot of people, as it is a relatively new company, however, they have come out with some of the world’s best products in many categories and it is their motto to design things which can achieve the top position.

Glorious Model O
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In fact, as for now, there are not a lot of products on their website, let alone talking about various kinds of series, however, it does seem like they are not planning for “series” as their products combine advantages of tons of top-notch products while trying to keep the product at a relatively lower price.

The Glorious Model O at first glance

Glorious Model O is one of the two gaming mice designed by Glorious, which is, as described earlier, not just a high-end mouse but is also quite cheap, considering the price-tag of $50. There is a slightly different mouse from the company as well, which is known as the Glorious Model O-, which is a bit smaller in size and is targeted towards people with small hands. We will say this once and for all, Glorious Model O is one of the lightest mice in the world, especially when you count features like addressable RGB lighting, programmable buttons, and Hyperglide-like feet. In fact, this mouse has received the award of the best gaming mouse of 2019. So let’s have a look at the details of this beauty.


The first impressions are pretty important and a new company like Glorious wouldn’t miss this opportunity. That is why the Glorious Model O comes in a pretty nice packaging, having a mirror-like tight plastic-sheet covering while the texture of the box feels matte. There’s not much going on in the box of the product, so let’s continue.

The box

The box contents are as follow:

  • Glorious Model O
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Welcome Card
  • Glorious Stickers
  • Glorious Advertisement Card
  • Silica Gel (For Moisture protection)
Box Content

Design & Closer Look

Glorious Model O comes in two different colours and with two different textures as well, leading to a total of four variants. First, we have the “Matte Black” variant, which we will be reviewing today, then comes the “Glossy Black” variant followed by “Matte White” and the “Glossy White” variants.

The ambidextrous shape works for both left and right-handed users.

The glossy variants are priced $10 higher than the matter variants due to their shine and aesthetics or perhaps it would take the manufacturer an extra process for the production of the glossy variant. There can be found the famous “Honeycomb” pattern on the mouse, which is responsible for its low weight, however, the mouse does not give the cheap feeling you would get from similar light-weight mice. In fact, there can be sensed no crackling if you grip the mouse tightly and no squeaking noise too unless you are deliberately pressing it.

There is RGB lighting on both the sides of the mouse and on the sides of the scroll wheel as well, which is the biggest reason for the pleasing aesthetics of the mouse. The buttons are big and have the honeycomb pattern on them as well at the back, however, it is not distracting by any means. On the other hand, even during normal gripping, one can barely feel the pattern on the palm and it feels like some textured surface. There is a thin long DPI button just behind the scroll wheel while the side buttons are present just next to the RGB strip. The honeycomb design is also present at the bottom of the mouse for keeping the weight to the minimum. There is a DPI indicator at the bottom along with the G-skates, which seem quite premium and are moderately sized too.


A unique thing about the GMO is the “Ascended Cord” which is much lighter and flexible than almost any other mouse in the market. The cord is of two meters in length, which is fine, however, the high flexibility and low weight results in a decreased durability. That is why you might run into disconnection issues after using the mouse for some months, although the two-year warranty makes sure that you don’t have to spend money on any of the issues.

Paracord wire

Overall, the design of the mouse impresses everyone at first sight and Glorious must be really proud about this achievement.

Shape & Grip

Glorious Model O exhibits some unique properties when it comes to the shape of the mouse. Overall, the shape of the mouse is very similar to the BenQ Zowie FK1, with a smooth hump slightly behind the middle of the mouse when viewed from the sides. In fact, even from the top, the mouse seems very similar to FK1, especially from the back, although the front of the mouse has somewhat shaper edges. The point to note here is that Zowie FK1 is a very famous mouse and is used by tons of professional esports gamers. The similarity between the shape of these two mice results in great attraction towards the Glorious Model O.

left grip

As for the texture is concerned, the company has done a great job at providing both the glossy variant and the matte variant, which not only differs in aesthetics but can also result in grip-difference. The matte version is definitely better at gripping and is less prone to fingerprints and smudges, however, certain people prefer the glossy texture over the matte one. If you choose to buy the glossy version, you might have to attach some aftermarket stickers on the main clicks because they seem really slippery with the glossy variant, especially if you are living in a humid area. As for the grip styles are concerned, we will say the mouse is great with the fingertip and claw grip for hands around 20cm but if you got hands with 18cm or lower measurements then you will be fine with the palm-grip as well.  One thing to note here is that the design of the mouse makes it an ambidextrous one, however, there are no side-buttons on the right side, so if you are left-handed, you will have to suffice to the main buttons.

right grip

Now, for the gliding, Glorious has used very smooth and moderate-sized skates at the bottom of the mouse known as G-skates, which seem great, even when comparing to top of the line after-market skates like Hyperglide.

Overall, the Glorious Model O has really won it in the sector of shape and grip and it seems just according to the feedback of the society.

Sensor Performance

Glorious Model O comes with the world’s most popular optical sensor, the Pixart PMW-3360, with DPI support up to 12,000, nominal acceleration of 50G, and maximum tracking speed of 250 IPS.

This is a flawless sensor and you will not notice any kind of anomalies like jitter or acceleration, etc while using the mouse. During FPS gaming, there are no spin-offs, especially during the flick shots. The lift-off distance of the mouse is set at 0.7mm, although it can be changed from the software up to 3mm.

Polling Rate & DPI

As described earlier, the Glorious Model O supports DPI up to 12,000, however, you will be able to select only 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 through the button. If you want to customize the settings, you will have to download the software and change the DPI settings from there. As for the polling rate is concerned, the mouse comes with 1000Hz right out of the box and we will advise you to not change the setting, as 1000Hz is the best option, however, if you are using it with a low-power laptop or want to conserve your battery then you can manually change the settings through the software to the rest of three available options; 125Hz, 250Hz, and 500Hz.

Mouse Clicks & Scroll Wheel

Scrollwheel texture

Glorious Model O hosts Omron switches which are rated for 20M clicks, a good enough rating, although some of the mice in the market come with 50M ratings as well. Apart from the rating, the clicks feel light and provide the right amount of tension. Overall, the mouse seems like it is made for FPS gaming.

As for the scroll wheel, GMO really has done it. It provides a 24-step scroll wheel, with slightly defined steps, and for the satisfaction, the wheel provides slight scratchiness. Don’t mix this scratchiness with the noise albeit, as the scroll wheel is way quieter than most gaming mice, especially in comparison to the BenQ Zowie mice. The click of the scroll wheel, as usual, is tighter than the main clicks and there’s nothing out of the norms there.

Side Buttons

The side buttons of the Glorious Model O are smaller than most of the gaming mice, which might suit some people while others might find it hard to actuate them. They seem slightly heavier than the main clicks so you don’t misclick them during gaming sessions. The travel distance of these buttons is not as much as the competitors which makes it fine, considering the buttons are heavy enough to prevent misfire.

Overall, the side buttons of the GMO seem unique and might attract professional gamers, although it will take some time to get accustomed to them.

Software Capabilities

The Glorious Model O comes with a neat software which seems easy to use and yet provides plenty of necessary options.

Intuitive software

First of all, there are six buttons pointed on in the left side which can be programmed to do various functions like Multimedia functionalities or button combinations/macros, etc. There is a separate “Macro Editor” button right below the six buttons as well. At the bottom left, are present profiles and you can change the name of the profile, add profiles or delete them.

On the right side, there is a DPI settings tab, where you will be able to change the DPI settings and the colour of the DPI indicator. The DPI can be changed in the steps of 100, unlike some of the advanced mice which provide DPI settings having a minimum step of 1.

Below the DPI settings tab is present the Lighting tab, where you will be able to select various styles like Glorious Mode, Breathing, Wave, Single Colour, etc; not much but enough to keep the user satisfied with the aesthetics. After that, comes the Mouse Parameters tab, where one can change the Mouse Sensitivity, Scrolling Speed, Double-click Speed, and LOD. The polling rate is present in the separate tab below, providing four options; 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz. The last tab on the right side is the Debounce Time which is a feature to avoid double clicks. At default, the latency seems somewhat high, which is why you should update the firmware of the mouse after receiving it so that you can reduce the debounce time to as low as 4ms, which makes the issue gone.

Performance – Gaming & Productivity

Glorious Model O looks like a gaming mouse but what about the “other” uses. Well, let’s have a look at the details without delaying it any further.


When it comes to productivity, there needs to a lot of things to take care of. First of all, a lightweight mouse is considered bad for productive software and GMO loses it here. Other than that, the shape of the mouse and the texture seems perfectly fine and optimized for these usage scenarios. The scroll wheel is not noisy, the clicks are not very loud, and the sensor can do up to 12000 DPI; all of these things make the mouse look great for daily-usage and various productive software. Moreover, if you are annoyed with the RGB lighting, you can turn it off from the software as well.

So, as a whole, the GMO seems like a fairly nice mouse for regular usage and won’t result in any kinds of issues you would feel with some other gaming mice.


It wouldn’t be much of a review if we don’t talk about the performance of the GMO in the gaming sector. First of all, the low weight of the mouse might seem a little too low for some people, resulting in decreased accuracy, however, things should be stabilized after using it for a couple of weeks. As for the gliding is concerned, there is no need to use aftermarket skates, as the G-skates seem quite premium. The sensor PMW-3360 results in a flawless performance, without any kinds of spinouts or acceleration even if you move the mouse deliberately at the highest speeds. The buttons and the shape are just according to the feedback of the esports gamers, which is why they feel extremely balanced.

Overall, Glorious Model O seems like a dream come true for the esports gamers and provide top of the line performance while providing high-end features like RGB lighting, high DPI rate, and extremely low-weight design.


An Amazing Ambidextrous treat

The Glorious Model O seems like the perfect combination of various gaming mice in the market. With a top-notch sensor, bright RGB lighting, well-designed software, and such a low weight; you are getting a mouse which was only dreamt before, especially for the price Glorious is selling it at. On the other hand, the Ascended Cord might seem troubling but a two-year warranty for a $50 product is still more than what you would get from most of the companies.

Glorious Model O

The best of the best gaming mouse


  • Comes with both glossy and matte textures
  • The RGB lighting seems better than most competitors
  • Extremely light-weight design


  • The ascended cord is not very durable
  • Might destroy your accuracy for some time

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Sensor: Pixart PMW3360 (Optical) | No. Of Buttons: Six | Switches: Omron | DPI: 12000 | Polling Rate: 125Hz / 250 Hz / 500Hz / 1000 Hz | Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous with no side-buttons on the right side | Connection: Wired | Cable Length: 2m | Dimensions (L x W x H): 128 mm x 66 mm x 37.5 mm | Weight: 67g

VERDICT:One of the best gaming mice, providing top of the line performance while being available at a very moderate price; a must-buy for professional esports gamers

Price at the time of the review: US $49.99 / UK £64.00


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