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Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs

The new marketing strategy companies are using to sell these days seems to be slapping the label “Gaming” on every product they make. At first, this seems like a simple gimmick to sell their stuff to gamers who are willing to pay more for their gear. But upon further inspection, it’s undeniable that some of these products have actual benefits. Of course, there are still a handful of people who are skeptical about this concept.

So, in this quick comparison, we’re going to take a look at “Gaming chairs”. They have been rising in popularity for a while now. That’s mainly because we’ve seen so many streamers and other players using these chairs themselves.

With all the fuss about gaming chairs, a lot of people are asking what actual benefits they possess. Are they actually useful compared to a regular “office” chair? And of course the most important question: Are they worth the money? Let’s just quickly tackle all of those questions.

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What Makes Gaming Chairs Different?

The idea of a “Gaming chair” might sound a bit ridiculous at first. But, there are actually a few key differences that set them apart. When you start searching around for gaming chairs, you’re going to notice they have a very different style.

First off, these chairs seem quite a bit larger than the average office chair that you might see at a work desk. A few of these chairs actually have better back support than a regular office chair. Typically, most of these have leather cushioning all around. Depending on the model, it can be definitely pretty comfortable. They also usually have a cushioned head-rest at the top. Apart from that, some of these also have a recliner function.

As you can probably figure out, most of these features are mainly centered around comfort. This is so that you don’t really need to get up in the middle of a competitive match. Unlike in an office environment, where you can take a break and stretch a bit, in competitive gaming, where every single second counts. Comfort can be really important.

But do they really deliver on the promise of comfort? And are they really that much better than an office chair? Let’s quickly discuss.

Are Gaming Chairs Actually Better?

We’re not going to argue that these types of chairs aren’t comfortable. Of course, that sort of thing is entirely subjective. Not everyone is going to like the feel of the same chair. Still, the majority tends to agree that gaming chairs are definitely enjoyable.

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Sadly, the thing people tend to forget in this argument is that these chairs can go up to ridiculous prices. Sometimes, it’s hard to justify spending that money. Obviously, not all of these are crazy expensive. If you can find one for a good price and with good quality, you’ll probably enjoy your time with it. Still, if you can’t fathom spending a considerable amount of money on a gaming chair, you can find a decent workspace chair with just as great quality and comfort. Maybe you can’t justify spending money on a product just because it has “gaming” in the name.

But for everyone else, we’d say they do actually possess some major benefits. Of course, the prices might get a bit crazy at times, so you’d have to look around a bit. But think of it as a onetime investment for comfort. You don’t want to have bad posture because of your gaming addiction.


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