How to Fix Roblox Error Code 267

Some Roblox users are seeing Error Code 267 after being disconnected from a game server. While some users are reporting that this occurs with one or a couple of servers, others see this error code with every online game they attempt to join or host.

Roblox Error Code 267

After investigating this particular issue, it turns out that this problem can occur due to a couple of different reasons:

  • Server crashed due to old age – According to some affected issue, this error code can also crash due to old age. Typically, if the game server has been active for more than a day, you can expect it to crash with this error code. If this happens, you’ll need to host another or join an existing one.
  • You were kicked/banned from the game server – It’s also possible that you’re seeing this error code after being kicked or banned from a game server for offensive language or breaching of ToS. In this case, you need to connect to a different server or seek assistance in case you got a permanent ban.
  • Widespread server issue – If you’re unable to connect to any Roblox server, it’s possible that the developers are currently dealing with a widespread issue that is affecting self-hosted servers in your region. In this case, you can’t do anything else other than wait for the operation to complete.
  • Corrupted temp data in Chrome – If you see this error code while attempting to play a dedicated map such as Bloxburg on Chrome, you are most likely dealing with the most popular Roblox bug. To resolve it, you need to update your browser version to the latest and clear the temp data from your browser settings.
  • Inconsistent DNS – An inconsistent DNS can also be responsible for the apparition of this particular error code. In this case, you can make the switch to the DNS provided by Google or go for a different public Level 3 DNS range.
  • Closed NAT – If you’re using an older router model or UPnP is disabled, you are most likely dealing with a NAT issue. In this case, you can fix the problem either by enabling UPnP from your user settings or forward the required ports manually (in case your router doesn’t support UPnP).

Method 1: Checking for Server Problems

Since the error code 267 is often associated with a problem with the Roblox mega server, you should start this troubleshooting guide by checking if the cause of the issue is beyond your control.

This problem has happened before (in a widespread manner) when hackers managed to hack the GUI and caused random disconnects by de-stabilizing the login procedure. Roblox developers have fixed the problem swiftly back then, but you might be currently dealing with a similar problem.

With this in mind, start by verifying the status of Roblox servers by using a service like IsTheServiceDown or DownDetector. See if other users in your area are currently reporting the same problems.

Verifying the status of Roblox servers

In case these investigations have revealed server problems and you can’t connect to any game, the only thing you can do is wait a couple of hours and hope that the development team will fix the issue swiftly.

If you uncovered no evidence of a server problem, move down to the next potential fix below to resolve the error code 267.

Method 2: Clean Temp Files from Chrome (if applicable)

If you’re encountering the error code 267 while attempting to play the Bloxburg map on a Chrome (or Chromium-based) browser, you are most likely dealing with a well-documented bug having to do with the temporary files that the game ends up creating.

If this scenario is applicable, you will be able to fix the problem by ensuring that your browser is updated to the latest version and then cleaning up the temporary cache file associated with the game.

Several affected users have confirmed that this operation was the only thing that allowed them to play Roblox in a stable manner (without encountering the error code 267 regularly).

If this scenario is applicable, here’s a quick guide on updating Chrome to the latest version and then clearing the temp files that are likely responsible for this particular error code:

  1. Start by ensuring that you have the latest version of Google Chrome. Do this by clicking on the action button (three-dot icon) in the top-right corner, then go to Help > About Google Chrome.
    Go to Settings > Help > About Google Chrome
    Go to Settings > Help > About Google Chrome
  2. Once you get to the next window, Google Chrome will start scanning for a new version. If a new build is available, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the update, then restart when instructed.
    Update Google Chrome
    Update Google Chrome
  3. Now that you have ensured the latest Chrome build, ensure that every tab is closed (aside from the active one) and click on the action button once again.
  4. From the Settings menu, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen and click on the Advanced button to make your browser show the hidden menu.
  5. Now that the hidden menu is visible, click on Clear browsing data and click on the Basic tab. Next, ensure that the boxes associated with Cached images and files and Cookies and other side data are Enabled.
  6. Finally, set the range to All time using the drop-down menu below, then start the process by clicking on Clear data.
    Clearing the cache and cookies on Google Chrome
  7. Once the operation is complete, return to Roblox, sign in with your account again, and repeat the action that was previously causing the error code 267.

Method 3: Changing the DNS

According to some affected users, this problem can also occur if your network device has assigned a bad DNS range that is incompatible with Roblox. In the vast majority of cases, this problem will occur when your router uses the default DNS allocation method.

If you suspect you are encountering the error code 267 in Roblox due to a DNS (Domain Name Address) inconsistency, you should be able to fix the problem by making the switch to Google’s DNS or by using a Level 3 range that’s open for public use.

This operation was confirmed to work by several affected users that were encountering similar issues with Roblox. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open up a Run dialog box by pressing Windows key + R. Next, type ‘ncpa.cpl’ inside the text box and press Enter to open up the Network Connections menu.
    Opening Networking Settings in Control Panel
  2. Once you’re inside the Network Connections menu, select the connection that is currently active in order to change the in-use DNS. Right-click on it and choose Properties from the context menu.
    Note: If you are connected via an ethernet cable, look for a connection named Local Area Connection. If you’re connected to a wireless network, the connection should be called Wireless Network Connection.
  3. Once you’re inside the Properties menu, select the Networking tab from the horizontal menu above, then click on the settings box under This connection uses the following items. 
  4. From the next menu, click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) and access the Properties button.
  5. Once you’re inside the Internet Protocol 4 (TCP / IPv4) Properties menu, click on the General tab. Next, check the google associated with Use the following DNS server and replace the values for Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server with the following values to make the switch to Google DNS.

    Note: If you don’t want to rely on Google, you can use one of these two Level 3 values:
  6. Once you’ve successfully enforced the DNS change for IPV4, you can do the same for IPV6 by repeating steps 3 and 4 with Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP / IPv6). But this time, use these values for Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server:
  7. Once the latest change is enforced, reboot your network connections, then wait for the next startup to complete. Once internet access is restored, open Roblox once again and see if the error code 267 has been resolved.

Method 4: Using the UWP version of Roblox (Windows 10 Only)

Another possible scenario that might trigger this issue is when the Roblox server runs a script with an admin command that ends up determining that your connection is suspicious and might cause harm to the system based on predetermined parameters.

So this 267 error can also occur if Roblox thinks that you are trying to hack your way into the system and decides to terminate your connection. If this happens regularly, you’re probably dealing with a hijacked browser that Roblox is concerned about.

If this scenario is applicable, you should be able to circumvent the problem entirely by using the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) version of Roblox.

Here’s a quick guide on installing the UWP version of Roblox on any Windows 10 computer:

  1. Access the official Microsoft Store listing of Roblox and hit the Get button to initiate the download on your computer.
    Downloading Roblox
  2. Once the download is complete, the window will redirect to the Microsoft Store window. Once you’re there, hit the Play button to launch the UWP version of Roblox.
    Launching Roblox
  3. Next, sign in with your user credentials to log in with your Roblox account.
    Log in with the desktop app
  4. Once you launch the game, attempt to connect to a server to see if the 267 error code is resolved.

If the same problem is still appearing as you get disconnected from games randomly, move down to the final fix below.

Method 5: Forwarding the Ports used by Roblox

It’s also possible that you’re dealing with a port forwarding issue. This is very likely if you can never maintain a prolonged connection with a Roblox server. This often happens if you are dealing with a closed NAT (Network Address Translation).

Multiplayer games like Roblox are build to leverage the exchange of data between peers by using specific ports that need to be opened. Most recent routers will take care of this by default by leveraging a technology called UPnP (Universal Plug and Play).

However, if you’re using an older router model, you might need to do the port forwarding part yourself.

In case you have a newer router, here’s how to enable UPnP from your router settings.

In case that’s not an option, follow the instructions below to forward the required ports manually:

  1. On a PC or Mac that’s connected to the same network that’s being maintained by your router, open any browser and type one of the following addresses inside the navigation bar. Next, press Enter to access your Router settings menu:

    Note: One of these two addresses will take you to your router settings menu unless you changed the default router address. Else, either reset your router or search online for steps of accessing your router settings.

  2. Once you’re at the login screen, type the custom credentials if you have previously established any. Else, try using the default credentials that most router manufacturers use:
    admin as user and 1234 as a password).

    Accessing your router settings
  3. After you are finally inside your router settings, look for the Advanced / NAT Forwarding menu (the exact name depends on your network equipment manufacturer).
  4. Once you manage to find the menu that allows you to forward the ports manually, ensure that the following ports are forwarded by your router:
    TCP: 3074
    UDP: 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500
  5. Once the ports have been successfully forwarded, save the changes, restart your router and see if the problem is now resolved.

In case the same problem is still occurring, move down to the next potential fix below.

Method 6: Contact Roblox Support Team

If none of the methods above have worked for you, chances are you’re dealing with an issue that can only be resolved by a support agent. If you’re encountering the 267 error code with every server that you attempt to connect to, you’re most likely dealing with an account ban.

If you think you didn’t deserve it or you’re a victim of a setup (this is quite common in Roblox), you should follow the official channels to get in contact with a Roblox support agent.

Once you get to the Contact Us form, fill in the details, and make sure to use the same details you used for your Roblox account.

Contact us account

After you manage to submit the ticket, you’re looking at a couple of days worth of wait. Don’t open multiple tickets as you might get de-prioritized.

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How to Fix Roblox Error Code 267

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