Fix: Windows 10 Slow Internet

A majority of Windows users have upgraded their systems to taste the essence of Windows 10. Windows 10 is one of the major updates by Microsoft as it has included a number of new features.

But, a lot of people are complaining about slow internet speed on Windows 10 and that is washing their brains against this. According to the complainers, when they unplug their Windows 10 enabled PCs from the internet, the speed on other computers boosts to maximum.

So, they don’t know what is causing the internet to slow down on Windows 10.

Reasons Behind Windows 10 Slow Internet:

The major reason for this is the Windows update that is downloaded and shared by Windows to other users through a P2P connection in order to lessen the bandwidth for Windows updates. This is a unique system introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10 for the purpose of facilitating its users.

The other reason might be the network adapters causing the connection to slow down on Windows 10. So, the following methods will help you in figuring out the problem and solving it.

Solutions to Fix Slow Internet Issue on Windows 10:

The following methods will definitely prove to be the solutions to fix this issue.

Method # 1: Disabling the Windows Updates

As I mentioned in the reasons, the slow internet issue inside Windows 10 can solely be solved by disabling the updates. You can also set it to Local Networks only if you want the Windows to use less bandwidth while downloading the updates. Follow these steps to configure Windows updates.

1. Go to Settings from the start menu and click on Update and security Inside Updates and security window, click on Windows Update located at the top left pane and select Advanced options from the right pane.

windows 10 slow interent

2. When you are inside Advanced Options, you will see a link displaying Choose how updates are delivered. Click on the link and turn-off the updates by clicking over a switching button type icon as show in the picture below. You can also select PCs on my Local Network option if you don’t want to turn-off updates.

windows 10 slow internet 2

Method # 2: Update your Network Adapter Drivers

Network adapter is responsible for internet to work on a PC. So, it needs to be updated to its latest drivers. In order to automatically update network drivers, follow these instructions.

1. Open the Device Manager by pressing Win + X and select the Device Manger in the list. Expand Network adapters and right click on the adapter responsible for internet on your PC and click on Update Driver Software.

windows 10 slow internet 3

2. On the next window, click on Search Automatically for updated driver software if you want to let it search itself. But, if you have downloaded drivers from another source, then you can click on Browse my computer for driver software to browse the drivers from your hard disk.

windows 10 slow internet 4

It would install updated drivers for your network adapter and you would see a huge increment to your internet speed on Windows 10.

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Fix: Windows 10 Slow Internet

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