The “$annotatedconnectexception: Connection refused: no further information” error is a common frustration experienced by Minecraft players. This error message typically appears when you’re trying to connect to a Minecraft server but encounter difficulties during the connection process.

What Does the Error Message Mean?

The error message$annotatedconnectexception essentially signifies that there was a problem with establishing a network connection between your Minecraft client and the server you’re trying to join. The specific causes can vary, ranging from issues within your own network setup to problems with the server you’re attempting to connect to.

The error message might initially appear to be a jumble of technical terms and symbols. However, breaking down its components and understanding its structure can provide valuable insights into the nature of the error and its implications.

Namespace (“”): The first part of the error message, “,” refers to a specific class in the Netty framework. Netty is an open-source networking framework that allows developers to build robust and performant network applications. The “AbstractChannel” class is a foundational element within Netty, responsible for managing network communication channels.

Exception Type (“AnnotatedConnectException”): The second part of the error message, “AnnotatedConnectException,” specifies the type of exception that has occurred. In this case, it indicates an exception related to connecting to a network resource, such as a server or service. The term “Annotated” implies that additional contextual information might be attached to this exception.

Common Scenarios That Trigger the Error

After receiving numerous reports from multiple users we investigated the issue and devised a set of solutions that solved the problem for most of the users. Also, we looked into the reasons due to which the error is triggered and listed them below. For that:

  • Server Unavailability: If the server you’re trying to connect to is offline or experiencing maintenance, you’re likely to encounter this error. Servers periodically go down for updates, maintenance, or other reasons, and during these times, you might see the “$annotatedconnectexception” error.
  • IP issue: In some cases, the problem is caused due to the wrong IP address or the port listed while trying to connect to a server. The IP address along with the correct port is used to forward your connection to the server and connection is established once the server approves. Unless you are using a static IP address, that is quite rare, the IP address assigned to you by the ISP changes from time to time, and multiple users might be allocated the same IP address. Therefore, the IP address needs to be edited from time to time.
  • Firewall: Also it is possible that the Windows Firewall that you are using might be blocking your connection to the server. Both the Java files and the game directory is to be added to the exclusion list of the Windows Firewall in order for the game to connect to the server properly.
  • Outdated Java: Minecraft requires the Java software to be updated to the latest version in order for it to work properly. If the Java is outdated on your device and the launcher has been updated to the latest version it might cause conflicts with certain elements of the game and prevent proper connection to the server.
  • Incompatible Software: There is a list of software that is not compatible with Minecraft and causes issues if they are installed on the computer on which you are trying to connect to the server. Minecraft has an official list of software that is not compatible with the game and causes conflicts.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the nature of the issue we will move on towards the solutions. It is recommended that you try these solutions in the specific order in which they are provided to ensure that no conflicts occur.

Fix 1. Power-Cycle your Network

Whenever the internet router is reset the IP address that is provided by the ISP is changed unless you are using a static IP address. Therefore, in this step, we will be reinitializing the internet settings and the DNS cache by completely power cycling the Internet Router. For that:

  1. Disconnect the power from the internet router.
    Disconnecting Power cord
  2. Wait for 5 minutes and reconnect the power.
  3. When internet access is granted try to connect to the server and check to see if the issue persists.

Fix 2. Reset your Network Configurations

Your Windows Network configurations can also be a culprit here, as it’s possible that your Network settings are configured incorrectly. For resetting network configurations, follow the steps below:-

  1. Search for the Command Prompt in the Windows Search bar then click “run as administrator”.
    Running Command Prompt
  2. Once the Command Prompt window is opened, type the following commands one by one:-
    ipconfig /flushdns
    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew
    netsh winsock reset
    netsh int ip reset
  3. Restart your computer and check to see if the issue persists.

Fix 3. Add Exception in Firewall

It is possible that the Windows Firewall that you are using might be blocking your connection to the server. Therefore, in this step, we will be adding an exception in the Firewall for some executables in the Minecraft folder that need internet access. For that:

  1. Click on the start menu and select the Settings icon.
  2. In the Settings, click on the “Updates & Security” option.
  3. Select the “Windows Security” from the left pane and select the “Firewall & Network Protection” option.
  4. Scroll down and select the “Allow an App through Firewall” option.
  5. Click on “Change Settings” and select “Yes” on the warning prompt.
  6. Select the “Allow another app” from the options and click on “Browse
  7. Navigate to the game installation directory and select the game and the launcher executable.
  8. Now repeat the above process again and this time navigate to the directory where you have the Minecraft servers installed.
  9. Open the “Maxwell” folder and then the “MinecraftServer” folder.
  10. Now allow both the  Java executables located inside the folder in the same way.
  11. Now repeat the process again and instead of clicking “Allow another app” after selecting the “change” option simply scroll down the list of apps available and allow all the “Java Platform SE Binary” options through both the “Private” and “Public” networks.
    The applications that need to be allowed through the firewall
  12. Open the Minecraft launcher, try to connect to the server, and check to see if the issue persists.
    Allowing an application through the firewall

Fix 4. Add the IP address and Port Before Connecting

If the IP address that you are using is not a static one, it will change every couple of days or whenever the Internet Connection is reset. Therefore, in this step, we are going to be checking the IP address and the correct port for the game and add it to the Minecraft Launcher. For that:

  1. Click on the search bar on the Windows toolbar and type in “Command Prompt“.
  2. Rightclick on the icon and select “Run as Administrator“.
    Right-clicking on the Command Prompt icon and selecting Run as Administrator
  3. Type in “ipconfig” and note down the “IPV4 Address“.
    Typing in ipconfig in the command prompt
  4. Also, Navigate to the “Minecraft Servers folder>Maxwell (some random numbers)> MinecraftServer” and open the “Server Properties” text document.
    Opening the “Server Properties” text document and noting down the server port
  5. Note down the “Server Port” listed there. In our case it was “25565” it should be similar in most cases however in some it is not.
  6. Now open up Minecraft and navigate to the “Play Multiplayer” option.
  7. Select the server which you want to join by clicking on it and select “Edit” from the below options.
    Clicking on the server and selecting “Edit”
  8. The server name can be according to your preference but the “Address” needs to be the IPV4 address that we noted and the port number for example “XXX.XXX.X.X:25565” the “25565” is the port number and it may vary.
    Editing the Server Address and clicking on Done
  9. Click on “Done“, click on “Refresh” and check to see if the issue persists.

Note: There are some applications that are generally incompatible with certain elements of Minecraft and cause issues with it. The list of applications is available here. If these are installed on the computer on which the server is running from or on your computer you will continue to face issues with the game.

Fix 5. Check for Port Filtering

We came across numerous instances where users were accidentally filtering ports. Even though the port forwarding was working alright, the filtering automatically nullifies it and you will not be able to connect to Minecraft servers.

Here, what you can do is check your router’s and your local machine’s network configurations and make sure that port filtering isn’t turned on and if it is, the correct ports are being filtered.

Fix 6. Check ISP Network Access

If none of the above methods work, you should check your ISP’s network access. ISPs sometimes block network access to specific domains and don’t allow you to go through. Contact your ISP and verify that internet access isn’t indeed blocked.

Furthermore, you can also change your internet connection to your smartphone’s 3G and see how that works out for you. If it does, it probably means that your ISP is blocking you and you need to change your network.

If Minecraft is working with the Mobile Data it means that your ISP is blocking the connection. If that’s the case please contact your ISP to get your issue resolved.


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