Difference Between Secure, Scavenger and Large Backpack – Which One to Choose?

Call of Duty MW2 DMZ Backpacks Explained

To make the most out of your looting experience in Modern Warfare 2 DMZ, you need to have a good backpack with you. Season 3 of DMZ introduces two new kinds of backpacks to the game: the Secure Backpack and Scavenger Backpack. In addition to them, the Large Backpack from the previous seasons remains in the game. 

Difference Between Secure and Scavenger Backpack in MW2 DMZ
Difference Between Secure and Scavenger Backpack in MW2 DMZ

Each type of backpack comes with its own pros and cons, so it can be tricky for inexperienced players to choose the best one for themselves. To help you out with this decision, this guide will walk you through the difference between Secure Backpack, Scavenger Backpack, and Large Backpack, and which one you should choose among them.

Secure Backpack

Out of the three different kinds of backpacks in DMZ, the Secure Backpack does the best job of securing the items inside it. 

The biggest feature of the Secure Backpack is that it saves your items between deployments. This applies to all items in your inventory that are not Contraband and notOn-Soldier”.

What makes the Secure Backpack extremely useful is that not only do you get to keep these items if you exfiltrate from the DMZ, but if you get killed during the deployment, you’ll still get to keep the items

But of course, the Secure Backpack has some limitations as it does not save Contraband and On-Soldier items. This means that if you exfiltrate or get eliminated with Contraband Weapons or any item that can be equipped on your character (such as a UAV), it will not be saved in your backpack.

But all other items (such as valuables you can sell at Buy Stations) will be saved in your inventory when you exfiltrate or get eliminated, instead of getting converted into XP like they usually do. You can then bring these items into your next deployment. 

One downside of the Secure Backpack is that it only has five slots for storing loot and it doesn’t offer an extra weapon slot. This means that you can’t store a large number of items in this bag. Therefore, when you’re looting with the Secure Backpack equipped, you’ll have to pick your loot very strategically.

How to Get a Secure Backpack in MW2 DMZ

The Secure Backpack can be obtained in two different ways in MW2 DMZ. For starters, you can simply find this backpack while looting the map. It is usually found in Orange Caches. However, since the backpack is quite valuable, its spawn chances are really low. So simply running to different areas on the map, hoping to find the backpack as loot is not the best use of your time.

The next way to obtain the Secure Backpack is by using the Barter system that’s just been introduced. Make your way over to any Buy Station on the map and navigate to the Barter Menu after interacting with it. 

Purchasing a Secure Backpack from a Buy Station
Purchasing a Secure Backpack from a Buy Station

To acquire the Secure Backpack this way, you’ll need the items listed below:

  1. 1x Electric Drill.
  2. 1x Gas Can.
  3. 1x Gold Skull.

The Electric Drill is located in any Workshop or Warehouse around the map, usually sitting inside a toolbox. The Gas Can spawns at the Gas Station, but the Gold Skull can be very difficult to find. It usually spawns at the hottest locations on the map, such as Supply drops, Bank Buildings, and Police Stations. 

Scavenger Backpack

The concept of the new Scavenger Backpack is much simpler than the Secure Backpack. The Scavenger Backpack simply just offers more storage to the player but at the cost of only two weapon slots (instead of three). It does not secure the player’s items in any way like the Secure Backpack.

This Backpack allows you to carry 11 unique items at once in your inventory, which makes it much better for storing items than the Large Backpack (9 slots) and Secure Backpack (5 Slots). However, since it has one less weapon slot, it may not be suitable for everyone’s playstyle.

How to Get a Scavenger Backpack in MW2 DMZ

The Scavenger Backpack can be found in the same ways as the Secure Backpack. Players can either choose to find it by simply looting the DMZ map (usually found in Orange Caches). But the much superior way of acquiring this backpack is to use the Barter system.

Purchasing a Scavenger Backpack from a Buy Station
Purchasing a Scavenger Backpack from a Buy Station

To obtain the Scavenger Backpack using the Barter system, you’ll need the items listed below:

  1. 2x Battery.
  2. 1x Canned Food.
  3. 2x Gun Cleaning Oil.

All three of these items are relatively easy to find. The batteries can be found in Workshops and Warehouses, usually sitting inside toolboxes, computers, or on shelves. The Canned Food can be found in any fridge on the map, and the Gun Cleaning Oil can also be found in toolboxes.

Another way to find the Scavenger Backpack is by killing the Scavenger. This is a very dangerous way to get the Backpack, but the Scavenger has a 100% chance to drop it. 

Large Backpack

Finally, the Large Backpack offers the player 9 slots to store unique items and comes with three weapon slots. It offers no other unique features like the Secure Backpack.

Finding the Large Backpack can be very tedious, as you cannot get it using a Buy Station. The only way to find the Large Backpack is to look for it as loot on the map.

Finding a Large Backpack in DMZ
Finding a Large Backpack in DMZ

Which One Should You Choose?

The backpack you should choose mostly depends on your current objective in the game. For example, if you’re trying to complete a mission where you have to store a bunch of unique items in your inventory and exfiltrate with them, then the Large or Scavenger Backpack is the best one for you.

However, if you’re looking to find an item that you want to save no matter what happens, then the Secure Backpack is your best bet.

Furthermore, it also depends on your playstyle. If you’re a slow and methodic player that carefully loots the map, then the Secure Backpack will work wonders for you. But if you’re a fast-paced player that loves to loot everything in sight, then the superior storage of the Large or Scavenger Backpack will be much better suited for your playstyle.

Overall, the most balanced backpack is the Scavenger Backpack, since it offers an insane amount of storage, and it can easily be obtained using a Buy Station. That said, the backpack you should go for is a decision you should make yourself. 


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Difference Between Secure, Scavenger and Large Backpack – Which One to Choose?

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