How to Get Heavy Chopper Fuel for Private Exfil in MW2 DMZ

Season 3 of Warzone 2 gives players the ability to easily and privately exfiltrate from the DMZ maps using a Heavy Chopper. The chopper can be found easily on the map, but once you find it and hop in the driver’s seat, you’ll quickly realize that the chopper spawns without fuel.

To exfiltrate from the DMZ using the chopper, you’ll need to first find the Heavy Chopper Fuel to fill its tank. The Heavy Chopper Fuel spawns in three different locations: the Train Station, the Smuggler’s Den, and the Airport. 

How to find the Heavy Chopper Fuel in MW2 DMZ
How to find the Heavy Chopper Fuel in MW2 DMZ

But since these locations are so vast, with many buildings and structures present within them, finding the Heavy Chopper Fuel can become a very daunting task. To make things easier for you, this guide will show you how to get the Heavy Chopper Fuel in DMZ in the quickest way possible. 

What Does the Heavy Chopper Fuel Look Like? 

The Heavy Chopper fuel is extremely valuable as it allows you to fly the Heavy Chopper, which can be used to exfiltrate from the map at any time. You first learn about the fuel in the Flight Risk faction mission. 

If you want to fly the chopper without putting in the effort to find the fuel, you’ll have to spend a whopping $50,000 at a Buy Station to call it. Therefore, knowing how to find this fuel quickly will give you a massive advantage over other players. 

But before you try to find this fuel, you need to know what it looks like. This will make the search process much easier as you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for. 

The Heavy Chopper Fuel is green in color and it’s shaped like a regular fuel container. It does not have any special markings on it. We’ve attached an image below to show you exactly what it looks like. 

What the Heavy Chopper Fuel Looks Like
What the Heavy Chopper Fuel Looks Like

How to get Heavy Chopper Fuel in MW2 DMZ

According to the game itself, the Heavy Chopper Fuel spawns in the following three locations on the map:

  1. The Train Station.
  2. The Smuggler’s Den.
  3. The Airport.
    Heavy Chopper Fuel Location Hint
    Heavy Chopper Fuel Location Hint

If you want to find the chopper fuel as quickly as possible, the best location is the Train Station. However, the game somewhat misleads players by telling them that the fuel is found at the Train Station because it is actually found on the Cargo Train itself – not at the station.

The train is the best way to find the fuel due to the fact that the process of looting the train is very easy compared to looting the Airport or the Smuggler’s Den. If you choose to find the fuel in the latter two areas, you’ll have to spend a lot of time running through different structures in search of the fuel.

Whereas on the train, you simply just need to search each compartment one by one, and you’ll find the fuel quickly. Unfortunately, there’s no exact compartment that contains the fuel as its spawn points are random. Therefore, you’ll have to just keep searching compartments until you find the fuel. 

But one thing to keep in mind is that the Cargo Train is a very popular location in Al Mazrah, so there are usually many players present there looking for loot.

Therefore, acquiring the fuel from the Cargo Train can be a very dangerous mission as there’s a lot of competition. It’s highly recommended to go on the train with multiple teammates as going there alone almost guarantees death.

While looting the train, remember to loot all player bags on the train. Someone could have picked the fuel up and died with it, so if you check all the player bags, there’s a high chance that one of them will have the fuel. 

If you’re struggling to loot the Cargo Train without getting eliminated, don’t worry as you can also find the fuel at the Airport and the Smuggler’s Den. 

If you choose to search the Airport, the best spot for finding it is in the hangar. And if you choose to search the Smuggler’s Den, make sure to not overlook the workstations present inside the various room, as the fuel can sometimes be found sitting on them. 

How to Use the Heavy Chopper Fuel 

Once you’ve acquired the Heavy Chopper Fuel, head towards the Heavy Chopper. You can find where it is by locating its icon on your map.

After finding the chopper, enter the driver’s seat and open up your inventory. Press the designated button to fill up the chopper with the Heavy Chopper Fuel. You can then exfiltrate from Al Mazrah by simply flying the chopper out of the map.


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How to Get Heavy Chopper Fuel for Private Exfil in MW2 DMZ

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