How to Connect AirPods to PS5 in 3 Easy Steps

  • Although you cannot directly connect your AirPods to the PS5 console, but you can use a bluetooth adapter to do so. Remember to use a compatible connector and keep the software of your devices up-to-date to avoid any inconvenience.

Wondering if you can sync your AirPods with your console? You’re in the right place! While the PS5 is primarily designed to work with its own gaming headsets, you can still connect your AirPods for a convenient and high-quality audio experience.

In this guide, we’ll explore the process of connecting AirPods to the PS5, the necessary equipment, and some alternative tips for an even better audio experience.

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Can You Connect AirPods to PS5

Yes, while the PS5 doesn’t have native support for AirPods, you can establish a connection using a compatible Bluetooth adapter. This external device acts as a bridge, enabling wireless communication between your AirPods and the gaming console.

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What Do You Need to Connect AirPods to PS5

You will need the following equipment for connecting AirPods to PS5:

  1. Bluetooth Adapter: A PS5-compatible Bluetooth adapter with a USB-C connector. Here we have mentioned the best Bluetooth adapters for your PS5 console: 
    • DRILI PS5 Bluetooth Adapter: It is a good option when you are on a budget with both USB-A and USB-C connectors.
      DRILI PS5 Bluetooth Adapter | Amazon
    • Avantree DG80: Avantree’s Bluetooth USB Adapter provides top-notch quality and an impressive 100ft range, ideal for those with expansive gaming rooms.
      Avantree DG80 | Amazon
  2. AirPods: Ensure they are charged and in pairing mode.
  3. PS5 Console: Make sure your PS5 is powered on.

How to Connect AirPods to PS5

Here is the procedure you should follow in order to connect your AirPods to the PS5 console:

Step 1: Connect the Adapter to the USB-C Port on Your PS5

Plug the Bluetooth adapter into the USB-C or USB port (depending on the adapter you are using) on your PS5 and navigate to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices > Output Device > Select your Bluetooth adapter’s name.

Plug into the USB-C/USB-A port

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Step 2: Put Your AirPods in Pairing Mode

Open the AirPods case and press the button on the back to activate pairing mode, preparing them for connection.

Press the button

Step 3: Press the Pairing Button on the Bluetooth Adapter

Press the pairing button on the Bluetooth adapter to start the pairing process with your AirPods.

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↪ Connect AirPods to TV Instead

If you encounter issues while connecting your AirPods via Bluetooth adapter, connecting them to your Smart TV is an alternative solution.

Connect AirPods to your Smart TV

1. Put AirPods in Pairing Mode

Follow the same steps as before to put your AirPods in pairing mode.

2. Enable Bluetooth on TV

Access your Smart TV settings and locate Bluetooth or Wireless Audio options.

Bluetooth settings | LG

3. Pair AirPods with TV

Select your AirPods from the available devices on your Smart TV.

Search and select your AirPods

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Tips & Tricks

You should keep the following tips in mind to ensure seamless connectivity:

  • Choose a Bluetooth adapter designed for the PS5 to ensure seamless integration.
  • Keep your PS5 firmware up-to-date for optimal performance.
  • Minimize signal interference by positioning the Bluetooth adapter strategically.
  • Manage battery levels to prevent interruptions during your gaming sessions.
The PlayStation 5

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Wrapping Up

In short, connecting your AirPods to the PS5 is possible. Just grab a Bluetooth adapter, plug it into the PS5, and you’re good to go! Whether you’re plugging into the PS5 or trying the Smart TV trick, enjoy gaming without the mess of wires. Keep it simple and game on!


What if my Smart TV doesn’t have Bluetooth?

If your Smart TV lacks Bluetooth, consider an external Bluetooth transmitter that connects to the TV’s audio output ports.

Are there latency issues when using AirPods with a Bluetooth adapter on the PS5?

While minimal, Bluetooth audio may have slight latency. For gaming, consider dedicated gaming headphones for the best experience.

Can I use any Bluetooth adapter with my PS5 to connect AirPods?

No, it’s essential to choose a Bluetooth adapter specifically designed for the PS5 to ensure seamless compatibility and a reliable connection with your AirPods.


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