Qualcomm in Talks with PlayStation and Nintendo for Portable Gaming

Qualcomm, a prominent player in the mobile technology industry, has recently revealed that it has engaged in discussions with gaming giants PlayStation and Nintendo regarding the development of future portable gaming devices.

While it is unclear if these talks will result in partnerships or collaborations, the possibility of Qualcomm’s gaming-focused processor powering upcoming handhelds is generating excitement among gaming enthusiasts.

Alex Katouzian, Qualcomm’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Mobile, Compute and XR, acknowledged that PlayStation and Nintendo, both interested in expanding their handheld gaming capabilities, would naturally seek out Qualcomm due to its strong presence in the Android gaming market.

This, combined with the growing market for handheld gaming, makes it a logical step for Qualcomm to explore partnerships with console game companies.

The Snapdragon G3x Gen1 Processor

The Razer Edge is one of the few portable gaming devices to utilize the chip | Wikimedia Commons

In 2021, the company launched the Snapdragon G3x Gen1 processor, specifically designed for gaming handhelds. While it currently powers the Razer Edge, its performance may not be sufficient for future devices, especially if Nintendo aims to introduce 4K support.

However, Qualcomm has the potential to develop a custom chip that could meet the requirements of a Nintendo Switch successor or other high-performance portable consoles.

While the company did not confirm any specific collaborations, speculation suggests that Sony’s recently unveiled Project Q portable gaming device may be a potential candidate for a partnership with Qualcomm. With Project Q focusing on game streaming over Wi-Fi rather than relying on native performance, Qualcomm’s expertise in this area could prove valuable.

As the handheld gaming industry continues to grow, Qualcomm’s deeper foray into the gaming market aligns with its desire to expand beyond Android-powered systems. While details remain uncertain, the prospect of Qualcomm teaming up with PlayStation and Nintendo could pave the way for innovative and powerful portable gaming devices in the near future.


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