New PlayStation 5 DualSense V2 Controller with Enhanced Battery Life Listed Online

Recently, a revised version of the PlayStation 5‘s DualSense controller, dubbed the ‘V2,’ has surfaced at major retailers. Walmart Canada and Bestbuy have both listed the upgraded controller, highlighting a notable improvement in battery life.

According to the information gathered from the Walmart Canada listing, the ‘V2’ DualSense will be bundled with a charging station and boast an impressive 12-hour battery life. This enhancement aims to cater to avid gamers, allowing for extended and uninterrupted gaming sessions. The pricing for the new controller remains consistent with its predecessor at $89.99 CAD, maintaining affordability for users.

This revelation follows concerns regarding the original DualSense’s battery performance, which often left users seeking more longevity, especially during resource-intensive gaming sessions. The reported improvements in battery life address a key drawback, potentially making the ‘V2’ a sought-after upgrade for PlayStation 5 owners.

DualSense Wireless | Unsplash

It is noteworthy that the upgraded controller retains the same dimensions and price point as the original, maintaining accessibility for consumers. Notably, Sony has yet to officially confirm or comment on the existence of the ‘V2’ DualSense, leaving room for anticipation and speculation among the gaming community.

In a similar vein, Bestbuy’s listing echoes the enhanced battery life feature, emphasizing the controller’s compatibility with the PlayStation 5 and its wireless connectivity, ensuring a seamless gaming experience without cumbersome wires. The listing also outlines the iconic design, haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, built-in microphone, and headset jack that have become synonymous with the DualSense line.

While the listings provide detailed insights into the speculated features of the ‘V2’ DualSense, Sony has not officially announced its development. Online speculation hints at a potential PlayStation State of Play event in the coming weeks, raising questions about whether Sony will unveil the upgraded controller during such an occasion.

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