PlayStation 5 Pro Could Potentially Support 144Hz Display Backed by Sony’s DLSS-Like Upscaling Solution

Sony is prepping a mid-gen upgrade for the PlayStation 5, set to arrive next year. Multiple sources have already claimed how the PlayStation 5 “Pro” is in the works and will include notable upgrades over the vanilla model.

One of the discussions surrounding the upgrades was how Sony is planning on incorporating a DLSS-like upscaling performance multiplier for its own hardware. Early speculations point to about 50% more FPS, which would translate to much better performance than the base PS5, which is capped at 4K 60FPS.

With gains like these, it would be natural for the company to push the limit to how much is the hardware capable of. Insider, @Zuby_Tech has revealed that the PS5 Pro could potentially support 144Hz on supported monitors.

At the moment, the current-gen PS5 supports up to 120Hz on 1080p, and so a boost of 24Hz wouldn’t make much sense, or would be noticeable, but it the higher-resolutions where the boost would feel notable.

Why Didn’t Just Sony Stick to 120Hz for Higher Resolutions?

Sony’s own upscaling solution, expected to be implemented on the PS5 Pro’s hardware will push for higher frame-rates via hardware accelerated machine learning. While this, in itself, poses a significant challenge, one may wonder why Sony doesn’t stick to the 120Hz console standard.

See, both the Xbox Series X and PS5 run on AMD hardware; however, the PlayStation does not fully capitalize on AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution technology. This discrepancy arises because the PS5 operates on a Linux-based OS, in contrast to the Series X, which runs on a Windows-based OS. This means that with DX12 support, the Xbox can execute tasks asynchronously, whereas the PS5 must perform them serially, restricting potential performance gains.

Plus, with 144Hz, Sony would have an obvious competitive advantage over Xbox which is capped at 120Hz. In addition to this, the standard for high refresh rate gaming on PCs is still 144Hz, so meeting that would appeal more to the gamers around the globe. Plus, there’s GTA VI that people are excited about, but its highly unlikely that Sony’s decision to include 24Hz more was influenced by a single title.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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