The Complete Chainsaw Man – The Movie: Reze Arc Explained

Deception, Destruction, Death and a Lot of Drama in the Reze Arc for Fans of Chainsaw Man!

Key Takeaways
  • The Chainsaw Man movie's Reze Arc adapts manga chapters 38 to 52, focusing on Denji's interactions with Reze, a purple-haired girl who initially appears kind but is revealed to be the Bomb Devil, sent to steal his heart.
  • Reze's powers include transforming into a bomb, propelling herself with blasts, and regenerating lost body parts. She manipulates Denji using her attractiveness but develops actual feelings for him, which complicates their relationship.
  • The movie promises intense action and complex character dynamics, reflecting the manga's dark themes and Denji's evolving relationships, especially between him, Reze, and Makima.

Tatsuki Fujimoto really knows how to keep his fans hooked with his popular manga Chainsaw Man. It has everything from a flawed yet relatable protagonist to super gory action scenes. Besides having powerful devils and an adorable Pochita, Chainsaw Man also includes some pretty Waifus!!

With the new movie releasing soon, everyone’s buzzing about the new waifu aka Reze. So why not dive into what this Reze Arc is all about? This article will explore the Chainsaw Man Movie: Reze Arc and what it has for its fans.

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What Will Happen in Chainsaw Man – The Movie: Reze Arc?

Bomb Girl vs. Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man Manga | Tatsuki Fujimoto

The Reze/Bomb Girl arc is the fifth and most pivotal arc of the Chainsaw Man manga. The upcoming Chainsaw movie will showcase manga Chapters 38 to 52 to a wider audience rather than just manga readers. The storyline adds more depth and deaths to the existing complex world of the Chainsaw Man universe.

With this arc, fans will not only experience extreme action, but they will also see subtle but long-term changes in Denji’s personality. The Reze arc is focused on our flawed hero, Denji, and his encounter with a beautiful purple-haired girl Reze.

Reze with her kind personality and beautiful appearance gets interested in Denji. Initially, both Reze and Denji have a lot of things in common. They both share a bond, and the alluring personality of Reze somewhat impresses Denji.

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Makima | Chainsaw Man

However, Denji, consumed by his unwavering love for Makima, tries to hold himself back from getting into a relationship. But Reze turns out to be a hybrid known as the Bomb Devil. She is sent by the Soviet Union to steal Chainsaw Man’s heart.

She manipulates Denji into thinking that he has finally found his true love in Reze. But Denji later finds out her motives and overpowers her with the help of Beam. In the end, Reze realizes that her pretentious crush has grown into a real feeling. She heads towards a café to meet Denji to confess her feelings.

With a smile on her face, the green-eyed Reze tries to put her mission aside. But before she can confess her feelings, Makima arrives and kills her. As Makima sees Reze her rival in obtaining the Chainsaw Devil’s heart.

What are Reze’s Powers in the Chainsaw Man – The Movie?

Bomb Girl Arc
Reze & Denji | Chainsaw Man Manga

Chainsaw Man’s universe is filled with captivating characters such as Makima and Aki, and Reze is no exception. She possesses unique abilities that can challenge even the most skilled devil hunters and devils in the Chainsaw Man world.

But before delving into her deadly abilities, it’s important to note that her femininity is her deadliest weapon. Her character has green emerald eyes, mid-length purple hair, sharp teeth, and thin arms. Reze uses her unique boldness and beauty to seduce Denji.

Denji | Chainsaw Man

Moving on to her Devil powers, her head turns into an atomic bomb-like structure with multiple fins at the end. In her civilian form, she wears a choker to conceal the grenade pin on her neck. Reze can cause herself to explode and transform into a hybrid. This purple-haired girl can detach her head from the rest of her body only to leave it as a decoy for her enemies.

Reze is extremely fast due to the explosive force created by her blasts, propelling herself several feet into the air. She can also turn her body parts into remote bombs. The body parts she loses by using them as explosives and she can regrow them without needing to drink blood.

Even if she dies, as long as someone pulls her pin, Reze can come back to life in perfect condition. However, there is a limitation to Reze’s powers, and that is moisture! She cannot use her explosion powers if she is wet, as moisture prevents her from generating sparks for her explosions.

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Is Reze In Love With Denji?

Reze in Chainsaw Man
Reze aka Bomb Girl | Chainsaw Man

The answer to this is not that straightforward, due to the complex dynamics of their bond. Reze made everyone, including Denji, believe that she had a crush on him. However, as the manga progresses, readers come to realize that it is just a part of her hidden plan to achieve the Chainsaw Man’s heart.

The manipulative expressions she used for Denji, such as her kind gestures, blushing face, and teasing tone, were all part of her plan to appear harmless to her opponents. She even went to extreme lengths by pretending to relate to Denji, acting as if she had a lack of schooling like him.

Pochita & Denji | Chainsaw Man

Amidst all this, we see that Reze develops a soft spot for Denji. It is crucial to understand that fans might think it is love, but it is mostly an infatuation between these two characters. She feels incredibly familiar to Denji. This familiarity and acceptance made her forgive and spare Denji’s life multiple times.

Later, when she realizes that she is somewhat attached to the target she was after, she agrees to run away and start a life with Denji. Their relationship, from Reze’s perspective, is more like a caring one. In this relationship, one feels attached to the other only because their circumstances match and they feel sympathetic towards each other.

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Denji and Reze’s Relationship From Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Perspective

Denji | Chainsaw Man

Tatsuki Fujimoto said that the inspiration behind Denji and Reze’s bond is taken from the popular fictional work Jin-Roh. Both Denji and Reze are expendable and are being used by others for their motives. They have no free will to choose what they want, and even if they do, they don’t trust people too easily. The characters in Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade also have these traits.

The mental scars and questionable competence of the main characters, along with re-evaluation by their handlers, add depth. This can be seen in the bond Denji and Reze share. They act as puppets and later realize their choices to live rather than serve their handlers.

What to Expect from Chainsaw Man – The Movie: Reze Arc

Chainsaw Man Movie
Reze | Chainsaw Man Movie: Reze Arc

Chainsaw Man’s upcoming movie will not be a plain one, for sure. Right from its poster to its trailer, it can be seen that the creators, especially MAPPA, are putting great effort into making this movie a treat to watch for the fans.

The Reze arc movie explores Denji’s awkward struggles and his hormonal impulses in the Chainsaw Man world. It is set right after the events of the Katana Man Arc. This showcases that the creators do not want the audiences to have a prequel but a story that starts after the events of season 1.

Fans can expect a lot of action, violence, and lots and lots of nudity along with some fan service. In a general sense, it can be seen as a complex and more indirect love triangle between Denji, Reze, and Makima. Although Makima does not reciprocate any romantic feelings for Denji at this point.

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Our Verdict on the Chainsaw Man – The Movie: Reze Arc

Reze and Denji | Chainsaw Man

Although MAPPA’s effort seems inspired by Demon Slayer and its worldwide release, it would have been great if MAPPA stuck to its old pattern rather than jumping to include arcs for theatrical releases. However, since Demon Slayer has set the stage for many anime projects to have their own theatrical releases, it is safe to say that the Chainsaw Man movie will not disappoint.

This is because the theatrical space has already seen movies like Studio Ghibli’s The Boy and the Heron, Demon Slayer Mugen Train, and now the Hashira Training arc. However, we do recommend reading manga chapters 38 to 52 to understand the arc covered in the movie, so that you can grasp the raw information before watching a more censored version of the story on the big screen!

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