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Canon EOS R vs Sony A7 iii

In today’s digital world, all of us prefer to save our beautiful memories somewhere so that we can look back to them and cherish ourselves later on. This is not even difficult in today’s age when we have a wide range of exceptionally powerful cameras available out there. However, choosing the best one from among such a big number sounds quite difficult. There are certain things that are needed to be kept in mind while making this choice. Generally, you should ask yourself the following questions before choosing a camera:

  • Whether this camera produces such a quality of images and videos that I need?
  • Whether this camera offers all those features that I need?
  • Is the price of this camera within my budget?

Only after getting considerable answers to these questions, you will be able to make a good choice. However, we have decided to make your life a little easier today by sharing with you a comparison of the two best cameras i.e. Canon EOS R and Sony A7 iii. Both of these cameras are the latest full-frame mirrorless cameras by Canon and Sony.

Canon EOS R is designed for optical excellence today and incredible optical potential for the future. The versatility of this camera makes it capable of capturing a variety of subjects in multiple different environments. The focus of this camera has incredible speed and accuracy. Apart from taking images, this camera even allows you to capture great quality 4K videos and even share them later on. The Electronic View Finder and Vari-angle Touchscreen LCD make this camera suitable for different shooting situations.

Canon EOS R Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

It does not matter if you are in the daylight or dark, whether you are in the studio or wandering in the streets, as long as you are using Canon EOS R, strong performance and flawless results are guaranteed. This camera is suitable for capturing landscapes, wildlife, wedding portraits as well as dance performances with unmatchable quality. Moreover, this camera also supports Continuous Shooting.

As far as Sony A7 iii is concerned, then this masterpiece needs no introduction. This camera allows you to capture the peaks of decisive moments. This camera fulfills various shooting needs by providing Imaging Innovations, High-Speed Response, Ease of Operation, and Reliable Durability. By making use of this camera, you can capture your best moments with outstanding power, precision, and flexibility.

Sony A7 iii Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

You can take images with drastically enhanced quality and also capture more realistic movies with 4K HDR. This camera has a very compact size which makes it suitable for carrying it from one place to another. This camera offers 4D Focus with which you can even capture the unpredictably moving subjects. Moreover, it also provides a stunning wide coverage. The Touch Focus function and the TouchPad function enables you to accurately adjust the focus of your images.

Now, without any further discussions, we should head on to the comparison between Canon EOS R and Sony A7 iii, so that you can immediately decide which camera you should get in order to bring life to your photography.

Canon EOS RSony A7 iii
Lens CompatibilityEF and EF-S LensesSony E-mount Lenses
Lens MountCanon RF MountSony E Mount
Aspect Ratio3:23:2
Sensor TypeCMOSExmor R CMOS
Focus TypePhase Difference Detection System with Image SensorFast Hybrid AF


This section of the article will compare and contrast the different features of Canon EOS R and Sony A7 iii. The image formats supported by the former one are JPEG, RAW, and C-RAW whereas the ones supported by the latter one are RAW and JPEG. The color space of Canon EOS R is selectable between sRGB and Adobe RGB whereas the color space of Sony A7 iii is sRGB standard and Adobe RGB standard. The magnification of the Viewfinder of the first camera is 0.76 with a 50mm lens whereas that of the second camera is 0.78 with a 50mm lens. The battery of the first camera is Battery Pack LP-E6N whereas the battery of the second camera is Battery Pack NP-FZ100.

The eyepoint of Canon EOS R and Sony A7 iii is 23mm from the eyepiece lens. The Dioptric Adjustment Range of Canon EOS R is -4.0 to +2.0 m¯¹ whereas that of Sony A7 iii is -4.0 to +3.0 m¯¹. The shutter speed of the first camera is 1/8000 to 30 sec for all the shooting modes whereas the shutter speed of the second one is 1/8000 to 30 sec for still images and 1/8000 to 1/4 sec for movies. The LCD Monitor Type of both the cameras is TFT. The weight of Canon EOS R is 660g whereas the weight of Sony A7 iii is 650g. Last but not least, the working temperature of both the cameras is 0 to 40 °C.


The price of Canon EOS R is $1688.98 whereas the price of the Sony A7 iii is $1998.

Checkout the latest prices for Canon EOS R (here) and for the Sony A7 iii (here).

Now that you know about all the basic features of these amazing cameras, it will no longer be difficult for you to choose the best one for your needs. If you are equally satisfied with the exceptional features of both these cameras, then their price will surely be the tie-breaking factor. So now we leave this decision to you with the remark that no matter which camera you choose out of these two, you definitely are not going to get disappointed with their performance. Therefore, you have the surety that you are going to spend your money on the right product.


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