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Can True Wireless Headphones Make a Difference?

There is no denying that ever since Apple came out with AirPods, it truly revolutionized how people viewed wireless earphones. Before the release of AirPods, wireless earphones were not truly wireless, wherein, they had the wires still attached to them. This was not that big of an issue, to begin with. But for those who wanted a truly wireless experience, there was a lot left to be desired. The true wireless experience only lived among the full-sized wireless headphones, but they were not cheap, either.

However, things have changed now. Thanks to Apple’s release of AirPods, more and more companies have released their own renditions of truly wireless earphones with companies like Sony, Samsung, Apple, Jabra, and even Beats leading the vanguard.

However, there seems to be a rift amongst people who prefer true wireless earphones as well as people who think they are just a gimmick and they will die soon. That is why we have trudged onto wonder whether true wireless can really make a difference and whether they have the guts and glory to lead the future.

Sound Quality

When Apple AirPods released, a lot of the critics praised them for their audio quality. It was called balanced, and good. While many said that it is nothing extraordinary, as well. This raised a major concern because people quickly started wondering if this is ever going to change for other true wireless earbuds that will come into the market.

Fast forward to this year, we have seen some great options from the likes of Sony, Beats, Samsung, and even Sennheiser, and we can assure you that the sound quality is only getting better, and better. Looking at now, and giving this a few more years, we can already begin to understand that the headphones are only going to get better as the time goes on.

Battery Life

Obviously, since we are talking about true wireless earbuds, it should not come as a surprise that the battery life on them is really hard to maintain. Especially when you look at their size; they are really small. So, maintaining good battery life is not really easy.

This is also a factor that is changing; one of the gripes that most people had with the AirPods was the battery life, but as the time goes on and more and more companies are releasing their products into the market, the battery life is only getting better, and better.

So much so that most of them can provide a full day listening experience, too. Not only that, but the charging cradles are also becoming more forgiving with the charge they can hold. Meaning that you can now have more battery to help you keep listening to music, or just using your earbuds throughout the day.

Value for Money

True wireless earbuds are by no means cheap. Apple made it clear when the AirPods came into the play, but many argued by saying that Apple products are normally more expensive mainly due to how their quality assurance and overall build quality is.

We started seeing more and more options trickle down into the market, and while the options from the likes of Sony, Sennheiser, Samsung, and Jabra are certainly on the expensive side of things. If you want cheaper options, they are available, as well.

Companies like Anker are making cheap true wireless earbuds, and the best part is that they are quite functional, and they do perform really well.

Comfort and Fit

In my opinion, whenever you are buying a pair of headphones; if they are not comfortable enough, there is no point in buying them. Being someone who uses these products for long hours, even when commuting, or in class, I really want my headphones to have good comfort and fit.

On the contrary, we found the urBeats 3 to be the most comfortable out of a lot of true wireless earphones, check them out at our review section to know more.

There is something about true wireless earbuds that scare me to the point that makes me anxious. If I am spending upwards of $200 or even more, I do not want to lose one side of the pair simply because it fell out. Simply head over to the internet, and look for such articles, and you will realize just how many people have lost their true wireless earphones like that.

Thankfully, many companies are focusing on the practicality of these earbuds and making them better when it comes to comfort and fit. As a matter of fact, Sony’s latest WF-1000XM3 happens to be one of the most snug fit, and comfort, as well.

So, do True Wireless Earbuds Make a Difference?

As difficult as it may sound, the good thing is that when it comes to truly wireless earbuds, they are only going to get better and better. If you want to know the short answer of whether they are going to make a difference or not, it is safe to say that they are certainly going to be a lot more popular as the time goes on.

They have already become a lot more popular than some might think and this is only going to carry into the future.


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