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Audiophile Headphones: AudioTechnica vs Sennheiser

Whenever you are in the market for a good pair of headphones that you can use for both casual and professionals use, two of the most common options that you will see in the market is going to be Audio-Technica and Sennheiser. For the longest time, these companies have produced some of the finest headphones in the market that cater to a lot of different users. Whether you are looking for something entry-level, mid-range, or high-end. Both companies have enough to cater to your needs. Needless to say, in the music industry, both of these companies are highly revered.

However, how do they compare against each other? That is what most people are in the market wondering about. Because being the pioneers of audio, they are pretty close in terms of the overall quality in sound and other factors.

That is why this comparison was long due. So, you do not have to worry about being able to find the right pair of headphones. With this roundup, we will be able to help you do just that.


Pricing is obviously one of the most important factors that come into play whenever you are buying anything in the market. Even if it is something that happens to be an everyday, lifestyle commodity, if it is not priced right, you will probably skip it.

The good thing about both of these companies is that the pricing remains largely relevant and competitive throughout their entire catalog. You will find that most headphones are priced in the same area, and are a lot similar in performance, as well.

If you want, you can spend below $100 as well. But if you are looking for the best products possible, then both Audio-Technica and Sennheiser have products that push the boundaries and cost in thousands. Also, Sennheiser proved that it can provide amazing sound at a pocket-friendly when we reviewed the HD 650, Needless to say, if you are worried that either of these companies might not have something for you, there is no need as they cater to almost every consumer.


Considering how both of these companies revolve around audio products, the products they are offering are largely the same.

However, when you look at Audio-Technica, they have forayed into the market with their turntables. So, there is a slight disparity, but it is within the margin. So, you cannot really pick one over the other.

As for the overall range is concerned, they have headphones for entry-level users, as well as professionals. Both companies offer wireless headphones, as well as gaming headphones, too.

There is no denying that as far as being relevant is concerned, both Sennheiser and Audio-Technica have worked really hard to stay in the market, and keep dishing out some amazing products, too.

Sound Quality

This is actually one of the most difficult situations that we have to face. We are not comparing two products, we are comparing the companies that make headphones. So, determining which headphones have better sound quality, and which does not, is a tough thing to do.

However, having used headphones from both camps, I can say that both companies have produced some excellent headphones. Whether you are talking about wireless headphones, wired headphones, microphones, or even gaming headphones. You can pretty much pick any headphone from the list and they will give you an amazing experience regardless.

Design and Build Quality

It would be a shame for us to not focus one of the most important factors and that happens to be the design and the build quality. Obviously, as someone who would be using the headphones a lot for a host of different purposes, I would want them to last as long as possible.

The good thing is that as far as the build quality is concerned, both companies have managed to make some of the most solid products in the market. Products that will not bend or break. Sure, there is going to be wear and tear after years of use, but all in all, if you are worried whether your investment would be safe or not, we can guarantee you that it would be.

As far as the design is concerned, this is another strong point for both companies. We don’t remember seeing any impracticality as far as the designs are concerned. Their designs have been consistent, and speak quality, too. There is a proper and careful thought process that has gone into these designs, which makes everything a lot better.


Getting a conclusion here is not that difficult, to be fair. Both Sennheiser and Audio-Technica represent the best of Germany and Japan respectively and have been doing so for decades. They are among the oldest companies in the market and have been producing amazing products back to back.

We can assure you that if you are looking for good quality products that you can rely on, and something that can work for you in the best possible way and for a long, long time as well. Then relying on these companies is the right thing to do.


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