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Are Gaming Chairs Really Worth the Hype

To say that gaming chairs are everywhere would be, tell the truth. There is no denying that a few years ago, the market landscape was a lot different than it used to be. Now gaming chairs are slowly taking over, and for all the right reasons, as well. The good news, however, is that in many cases, people find them a lot better than a regular computer or office chairs.

Whether the aforementioned statement is correct or not is a topic for another discussion. The discussion that we need to have right now is whether the gaming chairs are worth it, or not. Considering their popularity amongst gamers, we thought we would discuss this factor and see what people have to say about that.

Of course, we did review the Homall Gaming Chair, and found the chair to be admirable and useful, to say the least. But people want to know more about these things because for many, spending upwards of $200 on a chair is definitely a challenge.

With that out of the way, let’s just focus on the gaming chairs, and whether they are worth it or not.

They Do Have a Lot of Features

One thing is for sure. Whenever you are going for a gaming chair, you would be getting a lot of features that are otherwise not available in your traditional computer chair. Sure, aesthetics apart, these chairs do offer some nice additions that make them so much better.

Rather than confusing you, we are going to talk about some of our favorite features that are very commonly available in most of the gaming chairs that you can buy.

  • Adjustable Lumbar Support: One of the blessings of a gaming chair is the adjustable lumbar support that makes it so good. You can actually adjust it based on your posture to make sure that your spin has enough support.
  • Adjustable Armrests: You can find this in most of the common chairs as well, but almost all the gaming chairs have the ability to adjust the armrests. You can increase the height, decrease it, or you can turn them either side, as well. Something that provides you with the maximum flexibility that you can have.
  • Tilt and Recline Adjustment: Sometimes, gaming or working on your computer can be a tiring process. I know it might sound like it is all fun and games but when you are spending hours in the same position, getting tired is something that is extremely common. That is why in such situations, it is always better to make sure that the gaming chair that you are going to go with has tilt and recline adjustment because while it may seem like a feature that is just a gimmick, it is definitely going to help you a lot when you need it.

They Look Great

For gamers, aesthetics mean a lot. I mean, sure, you can always be the one person who talks about how simplicity is the best aesthetic, but we have to keep in mind that not everyone keeps that mindset. Many people want to have all-out design languages that push the limits, or color schemes that somewhat represent what they feel most of the times.

The good thing about gaming chairs is that they counter the traditional design language that we find on most chairs in the market. If you are looking for something that not only looks different but looks good, as well. Then going for a gaming chair that actually looks good and is just as functional is a great idea.

Obviously, you do not have to go with the ones that are aggressive with their color schemes and to take care of that, we have completely blacked out chairs, as well. Making your overall experience a lot better and simpler, too.

Good for All Sorts of Postures

Not many people are aware of the fact but our posture happens to be one of the most important factors there are. People with wrong postures can find themselves in so much pain if they are not being careful, and I can assure you that it can only create problems for you in the long run.

Keeping that in mind, if you are looking for something that provides you with good posture, you should look at the gaming chair. It is packed with features that will provide you with good posture in one way or another, and we can assure you that if you are looking to make sure that your posture remains as optimal as you would want it to, then going for such a chair is not a bad option.

A gaming chair, in fact, is so much more ergonomic than most of the chairs available in the market, and that is a testament to the companies who are trying their best to make things better for not just gamers, but for everyone who is using these chairs.


So, this leads us to ask the same question that we did in the start. Are gaming chairs worth the hype? Well, if you are looking for an all-rounder chair that allows you to have a great experience without any issues that might come in the way, then gaming chairs are among the finest options available in the market.

Granted, they are somewhat expensive than your usual chairs but when you are spending money on a gaming chair, you are guaranteed to get a lot of great features such as advanced support for your entire posture, a lot of comforts, as well as great aesthetics, and a lot of features.

So, yes. Our answer regarding the gaming chair being worth the hype stands still. They are certainly worth the hype and will offer a great experience to anyone who wants to make the most of the situation, at hand.


Bill Wilson

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