Fix: An Error Occurred, Please Try Again Later ‘YouTube’

Watching YouTube videos is one of the best things you can do to relax and easily kill a couple of hours. YouTube’s stream of new videos is practically endless and you will always be able to find a new video you haven’t watched related to your current mood. It’s also a host for a lot of music videos, vloggers who film themselves participating in various activities, educational channels where you can learn something new, and many more. However, certain issues like this one may spoil your favorite activity so let’s find out how to fix it.

How to Fix “An Error Occurred, Please Try Again Later” Issue?

This YouTube issue appears randomly most of the time and there are almost no occasions where you are unable to load any videos at all (but it exists). The screen gets black and grainy and this message pops up in white letters. There is also a hyperlink with the text “Learn More” written. This problem usually goes away quickly but it can become annoying if you watch videos often and want to experience an interrupted flow of new videos.

Grey Screen of Death

Refreshing the video page usually fixes one-time occurrences of the issue.

Solution 1: The Basics

  1. Check your Internet connection. YouTube videos require certain network speeds to load and if it takes a long time to load, the connection may be your problem.
  2. First, try restarting your computer. After that, restart your router or modem and update your browser to the latest version.
  3. Clear your browsing data by visiting the option Clear Browsing Data which should be available in Settings of any browser you might be using. Delete cache and cookies and try opening YouTube again.
  4. Update your Flash player.
  5. Make sure JavaScript is enabled.
    Enable Javascript in Internet Explorer
  6. Update your browser.
    Update Chrome
  7. If none of these solutions seem to help, reinstall your browser and the problem should be taken care of.
Choose what you want to clear and from what point in time

Solution 2: Alternatives

If nothing from Solution 1 seems to work, you can try some alternatives to finally solve the problem with YouTube.

  1. Hold the Shift key while clicking on the Reload/Refresh button of your browser should reload the page by bypassing the cache to get rid of files that may be causing the problem.
  2. Try to update Extensions/Plug-ins to their latest builds.
  3. If updating extensions/plug-ins does not solve your problem, then try to use the browser without these extensions/plug-ins.
  4. Some extensions like ImprovedYouTube and adblocking apps are known to create this issue. If you are using any of these, then uninstall these extensions and check if you can access YouTube without any issue.
  5. Try using the HTML5 player in the meantime simply by disabling the Shockwave Flash Player in Settings. Set the option to “Block sites from running Flash”.
Blocking Flash Player in Chrome

Solution 3: Sound Card Driver

It appears that the problem might be caused by Microsoft High Definition Audio drivers. This is the driver that comes preinstalled with your Windows PC but it turns out installing the driver made specifically for your sound card may help your issue.

  1. Gather information about your sound card by visiting Device Manager >> Sound, video and game controllers. Your sound card should appear on the drop-down list.
  2. Look up your sound card online to find the newest drivers or use a tool like Driver Booster to do it for you.
  3. Install the drivers, restart your PC, and the problem should be taken care of.
Using programs like Driver Booster can make your driver updating process easier

Solution 4: Allow Third-Party Cookies

It seems like blocking third-party cookies might be causing the issues and you might want to consider unblocking them or adding YouTube to the exceptions list.

  1. Visit Settings >> Advanced Settings >> Privacy >> Content Settings >> Cookies and turn the slider off at “Block third-party cookies and site data”.
  2. If you think that is a bad move, turn the slider on and add YouTube under allowed web-locations.
Uncheck the option highlighted in yellow

Solution 5: Ad-Related Issues

Some folks have reported that these issues have something to do with ads and they can be rather easy to fix.

  1. Visit your account’s Privacy Settings and click on Google Ad Settings at the bottom of the window.
  2. You should see the Ads Personalization slider at the top of the page. Slide it towards Off.
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and click Opt-out of More Ads.
  4. Disable Adblock or any other similar tool while visiting YouTube or set YouTube in the exceptions list.
Turning Ads Personalization off

If you are still having issues with YouTube, then try incognito/private mode. You may also switch your YouTube account to check if the issue is account specific. Also, try to use YouTube in another browser. Moreover, try to lower the quality of the video to rule out if the issue is happening due to the poor quality of internet connection.

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Fix: An Error Occurred, Please Try Again Later ‘YouTube’

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