AMD May Tease FSR 3.0 at GDC This Month

GDC or Game Developers Conference is an upcoming event set to take place later this month. GDC invites key players across the gaming industry to share tutorials, innovations, and new, intriguing ideas related to game development. AMD will also partake in this event, though they may have a surprise up their sleeve. And that surprise is a possible release date of FSR 3.0.

AMD to Tease FSR 3.0

GDC is considered to be one of, if not the most vital annual game development conferences. The ‘Diamond Partners‘ list for this year includes the likes of Epic Games, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Sony, Unity, etc.

AMD’s appearance at this event is not that surprising since the company has a suite of tools to assist game developers. The FidelityFX SDK (Source Development Kit) offers various technologies for game devs such as FSR, CAS, Ambient Occlusion, Variable Shading, Screen Space Reflections, you get the idea.

Most of us will probably remember when AMD teased the next generation of FSR, FSR 3.0. This technology is set to compete against NVIDIA’s DLSS 3.0 and Frame Generation offerings. Sadly, the company did not detail much regarding, well most of the things it mentioned.

FSR 3.0 incorporates the new ‘Fluid-Motion Frame‘ technology which apparently doubles your framerate. That’s something only NVIDIA’s FG can do for now. In any case, now will be the perfect time to at least showcase how this technology works. While we’re at it, AMD may also publish a tentative release date, but we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.

AMD FidelityFX SDK at GDC | GDC

The description of this event is rather vague but the last line reads, and I quote;

This session will also include an exciting sneak peek of new FidelityFX technologies that will be available soon.

AMD did showcase a few more FidelityFX features, other than FSR 3.0 such as HYPR-RX, so we may get an all-in-one session. Given how team red has been quiet for some time about FSR 3.0 and HYPR-RX, it is a breather to see them back in action.


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