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2K vs 4K: Which One Should You Go For?

Whether you are buying a monitor for work, media consumption, or gaming. The one factor that you can never escape is the one where you have to decide about the resolution you are going to go with. For those who do not know, the choices between buying a 1080p monitor, a 1440p monitor, or a 4K monitor are never going to be easy. However, they are the choices that we have to make because without them, buying a monitor would simply not be possible.

Keeping that in mind, if you are looking to buy a monitor and you have to decide on the resolution; you can surely choose 1080p but if you have used a higher end monitor, you are not going to have the same experience. So, this allows us to narrow things down to 1440p or 4K; the two gold standards in the monitor market at the moment.

Now the decision-making process can be a complicated one as choosing between a 4K and a 1440p monitor is often a difficult decision that many of us have to make. Sure, with so many amazing options available, you can easily buy the best monitor, but at the same time, the idea of a 4K monitor is just as tempting.

That is why we decided to write this detailed comparison between both resolutions, their advantages, and disadvantages, as well as the target audience since that is another important factor that most people miss out on.

4K vs 2K – A Quick Look

  • While graphics cards have come a long way, 4K gaming still requires a good bit of horsepower from the GPU. In modern titles, you would at least need an RTX 3070 (preferably a 3080) to enjoy games in 4K.
  • 1440p or 2K gaming is still better for people who want high visual detail, but don’t want to sacrifice frame rates. A good number of modern mid-range GPUs can easily handle games at 1440p with decent frame rates.
  • The decision also comes down to what types of games you prefer, whether you want to play on a TV or monitor, and whether framerate matters more to you than resolution or vice versa.

1440p Monitors

The first on the list is the 1440p monitors. Even though this resolution is slowly finding its way to the mainstream, it is still struggling to keep up with the popularity of the much older 1080p standard. Now the thing that you must understand in this situation is that 1440p is certainly the key to the future.

Sure, the monitors are expensive to buy, but you must know that the content on it looks gorgeous and it is easy to drive without any issues whatsoever. As long as you have hardware that is capable enough, you are good to go.

Below, you will find some of the benefits of going with the 1440p monitors.

The Advantages of 1440p Resolution

The good thing is that the advantages of 1440p resolution are enough to help you make the decision with ease. Some of the main advantages are listed below.

  • Lots of Options: One of the best thing about going with a 1440p monitor is that you have a lot of options available in the market. The monitors that come with this resolution are plenty, so getting any of them is not difficult at all. Whether you want a monitor that has a higher refresh rate, or you want a monitor that has a greater color space for creative work, you can easily buy the best possible monitor with ease.
  • Easier to Drive: Another benefit here is that 1440p is now becoming a resolution that is a lot more accessible than any other higher resolutions available in the market. Most of the graphics cards available in the market will easily drive this resolution without running into any issues whatsoever.
  • Mainstream: Thanks to the resolution heading towards the mainstream market, the developers are also taking notice of this resolution, and working actively to make sure that the resolution is added into the games by default.

These are some of the most common advantages that you are going to get from a 1440p monitor. We are now going to move forward and explore to see if there are some disadvantages or not.

The Disadvantages of 1440p Resolution

Honestly, when it comes to finding disadvantages in 1440p monitors, they are arbitrary at best. However, we still tried our best to see if you can find any glaring issues. While the issues might not be glaring, they are worth mentioning.

  • Limited Content: One of the strangest things about 1440p resolution is that there is not a lot of content that does support it. True, every single game supports 1440p resolution in the modern day and age. YouTube does support it as well. However, aside from these two, there is a scary lack of content available in 1440p.

To be honest, I could not manage to find a lot of issues in 1440p resolution. Sure, it did have issues back when it was announced and made a standard but it has been a long time since then.

4K Monitors

4K resolution is still becoming common and it has not achieved the same popularity as 1080p or even 1440p. With many industry experts calling it unnecessary. However, many enthusiasts are holding onto this resolution and as far as the content support is concerned, it seems to be a hit amongst media consumers, as well as gamers.

The Advantages of 4K Resolution

Now if we are to talk about the advantages of 4K resolution, there are a number of them. The resolution is slowly becoming the fanfavorite and for the right reasons. Let’s look at them below.

  • Gorgeous to Look At: Once you start consuming content in 4K, it will be extremely difficult for you to get back to any other resolution. Whether you are talking games, media, or even productivity tools like Premiere Pro or Lightroom. Content in 4K looks stunning, to say the least.
  • Long List of Content. YouTube? Check. Netflix? Check. Games? Check. What I am trying to say here is that there is a long list of content available in the market that you can access to in 4K. If you have 4K with HDR, you are in for a treat because things only become a lot more interesting than they normally would.

Granted, the list of advantages is not as long mainly because the resolution is still developing but it is important to know that sooner or later, 4K will hit the mainstream.

Disadvantages of 4K Resolution

Although great, there are some things that hold the 4K resolution back. Below, you will find some of the disadvantages that we think are holding this resolution back.

  • Power Hungry: One of the biggest issues is that the resolution requires a lot of power to be able to run perfectly. Sure, you can run it without any issues when it comes to consuming videos. But when it comes to playing games, you are going to need a really powerful computer in order to achieve the 60 frames or above mark. Most modern-day graphic cards fail to reach that with only a couple managing 4K at 60 hertz without ease.
  • Expensive: Another issue that is holding this resolution back is that good 4K monitor are expensive. Sure, you can find them with ease but most of them are expensive, and the cheaper ones are simply not good enough. So, that ends up becoming a huge concern for a lot of people in the market.

The disadvantages are by no means deal breakers. So, rest assured. If you do wish to invest in a 4K monitor, just make sure that you have the proper budget, and the hardware to drive the monitor with ease.


Well, everything that we have talked about now leads us into the conclusion. The truth is that both resolutions are extremely desirable with their own caveats. Sure, 4K is superior but it does come with some issues that make this resolution not as accessible.

If you have the hardware and the money to invest in a 4K monitor, definitely go for it because it will always look better than 1440p.

However, if you happen to be a gamer who is most concerned with the performance aspect, and still wants a decent image quality. Investing in a 1440p monitor is not really a bad idea.


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