Hori Set to Launch Zelda-Themed Nintendo Controller, Preorders Open

Third-party hardware developer Hori will introduce a new Nintendo Switch controller in October 2023. Players can choose from a wide range of controllers for use with the Switch. In addition to the Switch’s specialized Joy-Con Controllers, Nintendo has now launched certified Switch Pro controllers, providing players with a universal option. Hori is the most well-known of several third-party businesses that have received Nintendo licenses to provide compatible controllers for the system.

Dedicated fighting game controllers, arcade sticks, and game-specific controllers are just some of the products that Hori, a third-party accessory manufacturer, has released for Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox. Examples include Super Mario Bros., Monster Hunter, and Animal Crossing. The Legend of Zelda will inspire one of Hori’s subsequent 2023 releases.

Hori Zelda Controller | Amazon

This controller, which will be available on October 5th, is authorized by Nintendo and has the company’s signature white and gold color scheme. The controller is primarily white on the exterior and gold on the buttons. The Triforce dominates the upper portion of the controller, and a decal of Link from the Twilight Princess era appears in the lower right. You can place a preorder on Amazon right now for USD 30.


This wired Nintendo Switch controller can be used with the console above and PCs, thanks to its 10-foot USB cable. It has a removable D-pad adapter, a turbo button, and trigger shoulder buttons. Hori’s other franchise-themed Switch controllers also lack the gyro and vibration features of the official Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

Hori will offer several other Zelda-themed peripherals at the end of August, including a Tears of the Kingdom Split Pad Pro. The Switch’s optional Joy-Cons controllers can be replaced with the Split Pad Pro. However, they provide a more conventional grip that makes the console feel like a complete controller. Later in July, Hori will also release a wireless, Zelda-themed Horipad Pro. A Zelda fan’s collection can benefit from having one of these controllers for the Nintendo Switch.


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