What Are the Plans Offered By Hulu

If you are new to Hulu, and want to know more about the packages it offers, or are considering getting a subscription for Hulu, you might want to keep reading this article as it will inform you about all Hulu plans which you can subscribe too, what they offer and which plan could be the best pick for you.

Subscribing to Hulu

Why Pick Hulu

Hulu has made sure that it keeps improving its service on a yearly basis, by adding more unique TV series and movies that will be loved by the audience. While you can enjoy their online website for watching series and movies on the go, you can also enjoy their live tv that allows you to watch what’s running on the television in real time. Hulu subscribers can now watch a whole lot of channels on Hulu, including one of my favorites, that is The CW. You might want to have a look at all the channels which can be accessed through the website at a very good monthly rent.

Hulu Monthly Subscription Plans

Hulu has three Subscription plans that you as a user can choose from. While the quality of all three subscription plans is up to the mark, the only difference is in the limited services that they offer. The better the plan the higher the monthly rent. If you actually analyze the services for all three plans, you might just get impressed as any person could benefit from these.

Subscription Option 1

You feel like you don’t want to spend too much money on an online subscription to watch movies or series for that matter, then this has to be your first choice. You can avail this subscription option for a slow as $5.99 every month. Approximately $6. While you would be able to enjoy a good number of shows and movies on Hulu through this subscription, the only drawback, however, is, that this subscription will show you ads.

If Ads is not something that bothers you while you are watching an amazing One Tree Hill episode, then this has to be your pick. But for those, who find these ads annoying, then they can go for Subscription Option Number 2.

Subscription Option 2

Hulu makes sure that it caters everyone, with respect to the payments, and the services. Now for all those people who get super annoyed when a video shows advertisement during an intensely serious episode that had you engrossed but because of the advertisement in between, annoyed you to the core, then this is the subscription plan that you need. This will cost you $11.99 every month. Approximately $12, and that is $6 more than the previous subscription plan that we discussed. The only major difference between the two is, ‘no advertisement’. If you think it is worth it, you paying another extra $6 to get rid of the ads, then this has to be your pick.

Now, both of these subscription plans that we have discussed yet, are for on-demand Hulu services, that means, you can only access the library for movies and series which is online present on their Hulu website. But, if you want to have both, the on-demand Hulu account as well as the Hulu Live TV account, then Subscription Options number 3 has to be the plan for you.

Subscription Options 3

The last and the most appealing option for subscription on Hulu has to be this one as this offers its users to have a combined experience of Hulu on-demand and Live tv, all under one single subscription. While you can enjoy thousands of episodes online on Hulu, you can also watch up to 60 or even more channels on Hulu Live TV. This Core Hulu Plan will cost you $44.99 every month, that is, approximately $50. It is much more expensive in comparison to the previous two subscription plans, but there is an obvious reason for it. You get to watch more in this subscription plan, you can access more channels on their Live TV and can also watch shows on-demand, and enjoy your free time.

Difficult Choice

With subscription plans this appealing, you are bound to get confused. But the best thing about Hulu is that you can change your subscription plan whenever you feel like it. Hulu gives its users the option to change their Hulu Plan between the three plans as mentioned above, so if you are subsrcibed for their basic plan, you can always switch to the core plan, or vice versa. It is totally up to you how you want to use your Hulu account.


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