Naughty Dog Confirms New Last of Us Board Game is in Works

It looks like Naughty Dog is experimenting with their beloved franchise: The Last of Us, and expanding to other entertainment genres. The Last of Us HBO Max show was in the news just yesterday due to its leaked premiere date; it caught the fans by surprise and is coming earlier than expected. 

Today, Themeborne, the studio behind the Escape the Dark series, officially announced their collaboration with Naughty Dog. They confirmed that The Last of Us: Escape the Dark is in the works, and the development of this game will be powered by a Kickstarter Campaign that will go live on 8th November 2022. Below is the concept image of the announced board game.

The Last of Us Escape the Dark
The Last of Us: Escape the Dark | Naughty Dog, Themeborne

Themeborne, with the announcement, briefly described their approach with this new iteration of their Escape the Dark series. 

The Last of Us: Escape the Dark will be powered by the latest evolution of the Escape the Dark game engine, offering 1-to-5 players a new way to experience the world of The Last of Us. Taking the roles of Ellie, Joel, Tess, Bill, Tommy, or Marlene, fans will have the opportunity to weave their own unique story of survival and companionship as they explore an open-world map – attempting to make their way to safety while keeping everybody in the group alive.

Themeborne website also mentions the gameplay of the upcoming game and what players can expect from it.

Gameplay involves players making choices about which route to take and resolving immersive ‘chapter cards’ at familiar locations from the video game, including the Suburbs, Sewers, and University. Survival will depend on using a tactical combination of item cards and custom dice to overcome iconic threats, such as Hunters and Infected.

Each survivor begins the game with a unique ‘Hang-up’ and is on a journey of personal growth to overcome it, unlocking their full potential as a character if they can do so

By the looks of it, it is clear that Themeborne is following their consistent theme here with black and white graphics and a similar gameplay style to the Escape the Dark series, of course with a survival touch of The Last of Us that will definitely make this game more enjoyable for the fans.

We can safely say that a lot of content is there for The Last of Us fans to consume soon with this new game and how we can forget the upcoming The Last of Us TV show. Aside from that, The Last of Us Part 1, the remake of the original The Last of Us, was also released in September this year. Although it was not a commercial success. Still, it kept up well on the global charts regarding sales.

The remake was appreciated for its enhanced graphics and improved facial animations, and the series’ die-hard fans loved the remake. What are your thoughts about The Last of Us: Escape the Dark? Let us know in the comment section below.


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