Nintendo Switch 2 Could Allegedly Be a 3DS-Like Splitable Dual-Screen Console or a Dockless Hybrid

Nintendo hasn’t officially confirmed anything about the release of the Switch 2, and unless that happens, we’ll have rumors pouring in from all directions, insiders zeroing in on everything they find, and leakers sharing all that is remotely related to the Switch.

Now, we have two new perspectives to look at, both from different sources, on what the successor to Nintendo’s best-selling console could look like.

Nintendo Super Play — Same Screen Size, Reduced Weight, Super Famicom Button Placement, No Dock and Support for Physical Cartridges

The first leak comes from a fairly well-known Korean leaker (@For_Ataraxia on X) who seems to confirm that the next-gen switch is in development, and will feature almost the same design and screen size as the existing Switch, but with reduced weight.

The leaker also goes on to mention that the Switch 2 might be named “Nintendo Super Play,” and as ridiculous as it sounds, you never know with Nintendo. But, most likely, this could be the codename for the console, and the actual name for it would be revealed sometime later.

Also, the screen size on the Switch varies itself—it’s 7″ on the OLED version, and 6.2″ on the older LCD model, so we don’t know which one of the two is the leaker referring to. In addition to this, it’s stated that the Super Play will have “existing Switch series chips,” which typically means that the console would highly likely support physical game cartridges, contradicting some of the previous rumors.

Other than that, there is also a mention of how the Super Play’s button placement is similar to the Super Famicom, and this is something that has been confirmed by other sources. However, it also states how the Switch 2 would likely have no dock and would directly plug into your TV for upscaled video.

Nintendo’s New Patent Positions Switch 2 to Be a Splitable Folding Handheld

The next leak comes as part of Nintendo’s newly discovered patent (via GameRant) that positions the console as one with dual screens, similar to the iconic DS. However here, the two consoles can surprisingly be split into half, allowing two players to play using the same device.

The console could apparently be split in half from its hinges

It has a touchscreen on the outside, meaning that you could use the console even when it’s shut closed, but for some reason, it draws an awful lot of similarities to current-gen foldable smartphones—only they don’t split in half.

Outer screen of the device

This could point towards a separate device, perhaps a 3DS successor, but the chances of this happening are slim and while this is all we know for now, rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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