Upcoming Switch 2 Rumored to Release in June 2024

The release date for Nintendo’s next Switch 2 console is yet to be announced. The anticipation for the upcoming device is at an all-time high, thanks to the rumored capabilities the console would include. Although official specifications have not been announced, it is expected to be significantly different from its predecessor. According to a new rumor, Nintendo will release the updated Switch 2 in June 2024 (next year).

Doctre81 posted a video on YouTube describing how he believes the debut will be next year based on a number of evidence derived from a new job listing from Nintendo. The user obtained this information from an advertisement for a Retail and Marketing Intern position with a deadline of December 1st, 2023. The job description describes how the applicant will benefit from an increased experience between June and August of next year, implying that a major marketing event may take place at the same time.

Nintendo Switch | Unsplash

Doctre81 states in the video that the launch may not be in June but rather during the specified timeframe because marketing would begin in June according to the job listing, indicating a September launch. This is consistent with the fact that the Switch Lite and OLED Versions were also launched in September, establishing a possible pattern for the upcoming release.

Numerous leaks of the new console’s features have already been released, so if the claims are true, it will be an exciting release. The official release date of the Nintendo Switch 2 has not yet been announced. Stay tuned for the most recent information about the console as it becomes available.


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