Samsung Will Release over 100,000 Wearable Robots in Mid 2024

Besides the Galaxy Ring, Samsung may have even more ambitious plans for the wearable industry in 2024. According to rumors circulating in Korea, the business is reportedly plotting the manufacturing of the Bot Fit wearable robot, and it is said to be intending to debut its rival to Apple Vision Pro by the end of 2024.

Presented at multiple 2019 trade fairs, Samsung’s assistive wearable robot—previously called GEMS Hip—was the talk of the town. Rather of being a fun Samsung Health accessory for fitness enthusiasts, GEMS Hip was or is intended to be more of a medical device—an exoskeleton-type wearable for individuals who may need to enhance their ability to move.

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Rumors regarding the debut of the GEMS Hip tend to fade and reappear year after year, but the device has not yet become a commercial reality. According to previous reports, Samsung rebranded the GEMS Hip wearable robot as Bot Fit.

All things considered, it’s probably best to treat all of this new information regarding the so-called Bot Fit with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, according to recent Korean reports (as reported by ETNews), Samsung is planning to produce a first run of less than 100,000 Bot Fit units, with manufacturing set to begin in the middle of 2024.

According to this latest claim, Samsung finished developing the Bot Fit in 2023. Rumor has it that the business plans to reveal or market the assistive robot in the fourth quarter of 2024 after pushing Bot Fit into mass production in the second or third quarter of 2023.

The initial batch of 100,000 Bot Fits isn’t a lot, but it’s double what the Korean media said in 2022—that is, 50,000 GEMS Hips—in the initial batch. Needless to say, Samsung’s claimed intentions for GEMS Hip in 2022 did not come into effect.

Galaxy Ring and Samsung’s Upcoming XR Headset Also Rumored to Arrive in Late 2024

Galaxy Ring | Samsung

The wearable robot’s future is obviously out in the air, but with Samsung preparing to expand into new product categories with the Galaxy Ring and an unreleased XR headset, the GEMS Hip / Bot Fit rumors appear to be gaining momentum again. Time will tell if this so-called wearable robot will enter mass production over the next six months, but nothing appears to be set in stone yet, as usual.

Source: ETNews


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